Friday Five

1. It's been a heavy celeb spotting week - and - I'm not quite cool enough not to share. On Saturday my girlfriend and I were hiking and along the curve came the Rancic family - Bill, Guiliana, and even Baby Duke. 

Then on Tuesday, at my 8:30am SoulCycle class.....the big whammy. 



He sat front row, seemed pretty nice, looked like a total fox, and I spent 45 minutes spinning with a shit eattin' grin on my face.

Best class of my friggen life.

Thursday's class included Brooke Shields, who obviously, besides sharing my new last name, didn't thrill me nearly as much.

2. Ok, I don't want to lose friends over this next confession, but I really don't care about the new Royal baby.....at all. I do understand the fascination with Kate Middleton., because she has the most fabulous hair I've ever seen and has impeccable style.  


Prince William literally struck gold when he found that woman, but I am not into the royal circus that surrounds them. Remember all of the royal wedding parties had around the world? Really?

3. It took 3 months of trying, but I finally broke Joel down and convinced him to go see John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl in October. I know he is a little bizarre - and I don't like the Katy Perry thing -  but I love his music, and any concert at the Hollywood Bowl is a huge win in my book.

4. A few months back I read this article about an underground dining club in Los Angeles called Foodshop. It's an invite-only group, and every month they send out an email with the menu and dates they are hosting dinner. 

An Underground Dinner With LAFoodshop
The location changes, but the two chefs always stay the same. The menu and signature cocktail reflect the season and the group is based on a first come, first serve basis. They suggest a $60/pp donation and suggest you to BYOB. We are joining in on our first dinner - and I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm really excited. Full report to come.

A lovely quote. By Kelly Thorn
5.  Somehow we have been married for 5 weeks on this Saturday. The 5 weeks before the wedding moved slower than a snails pace, but these first weeks of marriage have been the polar opposite. Even though I'm only five weeks in, I'm really enjoying the relaxed comfort of being husband and wife. It still feels very weird to call "him" my "husband", but I'm trying to get used to it and not feel like I'm being caught stuffing my bra every time someone catches me in the act. I really am married!! I swear! 

Enjoy your weekend doll!
TELEGRAMME • Might have got a bit carried away with the weather...


  1. Bradley friggin Cooper. You have the most rockin life.

  2. so jealous of multiple things on this list... first off Bradley Cooper!? Also- serious obsession w John Mayer! That dinner sounds like a ton of fun, cant wait to hear more about it!

  3. I see the Manzos and you see Bradley Cooper, Brooke Shields and the Rancics all in one week. Looks like you win by a landslide! Seriously, I hardly ever seen celebs. That's so fun. I am excited to hear about the dinner club. I heard about one a few years ago here but don't know much about them. Take lots of food pics!

  4. LOL stuffing your bra, love that metaphor

  5. Beyond jealous of #1!!!!!!!!!

  6. You saw the Rancics ... oh my word. And honey do you pay an arm and a leg to be a member of your gym, because if straight up celebrities work out there, I'd probably be scared to see your monthly bill! #wortheverypenny

    Happy 5 weeks lovebirds!

  7. I felt the same way about saying "husband." It's taken a year to adjust- but I love saying it. So much better than "fiance."
    I'm super eager to hear how that communal dinner party goes. I've been wanting to sign up for one too!

  8. Bradley Cooper?! I would have made a complete idiot of myself somehow if that was me. Is he really that good-looking in person?? I'm imagining the answer to that is YES.

    I'm a Royal Family follower (okay fine, just Will and Kate. Who cares about the Queen) and I was one of the crazy people sitting at work refreshing my computer every few minutes to see if the baby had been born yet. You're probably the smarter one for not caring because I ended up having a very unproductive week work-wise haha.

    Congratulations on 5 weeks of marriage! Has it really been that long already? I feel like you were just telling us you got engaged. Seriously.

    Also. Longest comment ever. Whoops!

  9. That's it. I'm coming to visit! haha

    I agree that I wasn't too hyped about the new prince. As I was driving back home, I saw the digital billboards had an announcement on them! I thought that was really weird. lol But I am for ALL things Kate. Seriously love her.

  10. THANK YOU! I could not care less about the royal baby. They are a lovely family but their lives are irrelevant to me. Really over that hype.


  11. BRADLEY COOPER?! You lucky girl! I guess that was LA's wedding gift to you or something.