Happies on Hump Day

This week has been stock full of goodies, and I'm just happy.  My cup runneth over.

[ My cup of  Sauvigon Blanc ] 

Here are the goods:   
  • A new vacuum - and with a shedding dog, that is a major happy, which is equal parts alarming and hilarious. 
  • We just booked a trip to meet my family in Scottsdale, Arizona in mid-September. I'm obsessed with Scottsdale and we are going to spend 5 days at the The Phoenician, play tennis, relax by the pool, drink and eat far too much, and just soak in as much family time as we can
  • The cherry on top of this is that my sister Hannah is going to come the week before to Los Angeles and stay with Joel and I. Hannah is actually convince-able to move to LA and so I'm trying my very hardest to show her the best time, and find her a job. Any locals need a really cute, fashion/styling assistant? I'm not kidding...
  • I'm hoping that by the time you are reading this, I'm officially a California licensed driver. I've got the DMV and test standing in my way - both of which do not have favorable reputations. And, I'm not going to lie, I've been studying all week, so if I fail I'm going to be the opposite of this friggen post.
  • The older I get, the earlier I start to get excited for fall and I am counting down the days for college football to start!!
so ready for pumpkin season
  • Joel and I played tennis on Monday and are trying out tonight for weekly Live Ball matches in Westwood. I am seriously loving being back on the tennis courts.
  • I finished and LOVED Four Of A Kind by Valerie Frankel - if you are looking for a great book on friendship, marriage, and/or motherhood, this will be your jam. I couldn't put it down. 



  1. 1. Super excited to read that book.
    2. I told Mr. RH that if his family asked (they have been) what I wanted off the registry, I want the vacuum. He laughed and refused to tell them. Ass.
    3. Yay for family trips!
    4. Why is your sister so hot? It's unfair.

  2. Ugh! The DMV is the worst! I can't believe you have to take a test since you're already a licensed driver? When I moved to Maryland I just had to prove residency.

    My dream is for my sister and I to live in the same town again. Good luck convincing your sis!

  3. JM thinks I'm a lunatic for having put a steam mop on our registry, but whatever, I *really* want it. I invested in a serious heavy duty vacuum when we moved into our place (Swiffer wasn't cutting it!) and I adore it.

  4. I want to visit Scottsdale so badly! I heard the spas there are amazing!

  5. Scottsdale IS amazing, and only about 30 minutes from home! The art walks and galleries are aahhhmazing.