Cocktail Party Cooking Class

 Last Friday four of my girlfriends and I attended a cooking class at HipCooks in West LA here in Los Angeles. The class theme was "Cocktail Party" and the menu and drinks were planned to make it easier on you as a host.

I’ve been to one other cooking class before in Chicago at The Chopping Block, and this class was a little different.

This class had 14 students and was more of a demonstrative cooking class than the Chopping Block. The chef (and all of the cooking appliances) were on one side, and the students were on the other. The chef would go through instruction and then if it was something we could get our hands on, like bacon wrapped dates, we would get to assemble.

I didn't really mind not having to do too much cooking but if you were coming in expecting hands-on experience, you may be a little disappointed.

The class went in three rounds, we made a few appetizers (Crab dip, caviar crisps, bacon wrapped dates  ) and then, we would sit down, snack on our appetizers, learned how to make a few cocktails and then drink our concoctions.  

Obviously, my favorite part. 

We made 6 cocktails in total (dirty martini, vanilla bean martini, caipirina, lemon drop, mojito, amaretto sour), and we were all well served by the time the evening was over. 

We continued that pattern; cooking, drinking, cooking, - all while snacking on our food while we were drinking. It was a nice balance and the 3 hour class flew by.

It was a great activity for our group of girls – and we had a blast. The class was $65/person and you definitely get your money’s worth as far as eating, drinking, and gaining a few new tricks of the trade. 



  1. I'm going to a cooking class next month at a place called Southern Season. Seeing your pics is making me even more excited!!

  2. I need to come visit and go out with you girls! What fun! I would love to do a cooking class.

  3. I think that is such a fun idea! Sorry it wasn't more hands on, but the drinking part sounded like it was a win. ;)