This Year

This is probably one of the first years that I don't a clear and concise lists of "resolutions".
 2014 New Year
I know that in 2014 I need to focus on being grateful, kind, and healthy. Is there a better combination? I mean, when I'm dead and people describe me, I want them to say that I was all three of those things.

They're all pretty tough to measure, but, I'm going to try and add the following into my daily life to ensure that at the end of 2014 I come out better than where I started.

Go to church regularly

Read books that aren't chick-lit

Volunteer and Donate

Walk 10,000 steps a day

Leave my comfort zone

Take opportunities without fear

 Show up
  Great quotebe miserable or motivate yourself.  the choice is yours


  1. LOVE this! Especiallly the "less is more!" AND YAYYY for your goal of going to church regularly...getting plugged into a Bible Study/life group always helps with that too!!! :)

  2. "Be miserable or motivate yourself."

    SO TRUE. How many people would I love to share this with... bitch about something and then try and change it, or shut up. GOOD ONE :)

  3. Love this list!

    I absolutely just printed the first & last pics to put on the little wall of my desk. Great reminders!

  4. I love all of these reminders!! Hope you're able to accomplish everything that you hope for in 2014!

  5. I really should jump on board with some of these resolutions... I'm just SO bad at keeping my resolutions. I think the blog is the only thing I've really ever stuck with!

  6. I have to laugh at the reading less chick lit. I honestly don't think I could read anything that doesn't have a slight romance to it. I just can't help it!! lol

    My SIL only reads the self help/non fiction books - which I can not read. Though I think when I get pregnant, I'll be reading some of those pregnancy books. But I'm not counting that. ;)