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  • Not sure if you follow my on Instagram or not (@teatimewithtess) but, if you don't, you'll see that I chopped 6 inches off my hair! I had like the worst hair weekend ever, and on Monday morning I went crazy finding a salon that had an opening to see me ASAP. A salon in Westwood had an opening, Thank God, and the stylist lightened up my hair, added bangs, and cut off a whole lot of hair. I'm still getting used to it, but I think I'll grow to love it.
  •  Is anyone else struggling to get back to pre-holiday-madness-weight? After 2 weeks of Christmas parties and then a week in Mexico, the scale is showing me sad, sad numbers. 3 weeks of indulging means 6 weeks of no carbs and lots of exercise.
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  • I thought 2014 was going to be a "slow" year, but it's turning out to be the exact opposite of that. We are booking trips left and right, preparing for visitors, and trying to find opportunities that make sense for us. Does life ever chill out? It's all good things, so I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed, but, it's a little hard.
 fly. travel. see. love. eat...
  • I am heartbroken that Hilary Duff is getting divorced. Why do celebrity couples get divorced so quickly and easily? 3 YEARS? That's all they could last? Obviously, I have no idea of what happened, but if they really just "grew apart", I call bullshit.
  • Roscoe is turning two on Friday. How is that possible?
  • Is it really only Wednesday?
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  1. Your hair is adorable. I love it so much!

  2. Your hair looks great! I'm thinking about cutting my hair too. The Hilary Duff divorce shocked me too!!

  3. Girll..January 3rd I stepped on the scale and wasn't happy either. I'm about four pounds from pre-holiday weight and it's taking foreverrrr to get back there.. It's amazing how hard it is to get 10 pounds off. I am back on my low carb and low sugar diet with little or no alcohol for a couple of weeks! :( Yikes!!! Good luck!! We can do it! I loooooove your hair again, by the way. :)

  4. I VIVIDLY remember reading the Hilary/Mike wedding write up in People and noting that she said, "Of COURSE we signed a pre-nup. We're young and wealthy and of course we did."

  5. LOVE your haircut!!! Looks gorgeous and fun and totally frames your face. Xoxo

  6. Loving your hair!!! Funny they are getting divorced...I just googled her wedding dress and pinned it the other day! I love it lol

  7. Beyond obsessed with your haircut, it looks amazing!

  8. Love the hair! I'm still trying to remember I don't have to use as much shampoo/conditioner when washing my hair. lol

    I've just been flat out avoiding my scale. I start training for my half marathon on Sunday, so I'm allowing myself a couple more days of treating myself. ;)