Pillow Refresh

When we move to Los Angeles, I kept most of my living room "look" the same. We carried over the same art, pillows, couch, etc.

When we added the dining room table, and funky ikat chairs, I felt like I needed to update some of our couch pillows and bring the two rooms together a little better.

On a whim I went to Marshalls and found four perfect pillows to make the switch.
The gold in the pillows work really well with ikat chairs and make the room feel a little more polished and fresh.

I'd like to add just a few extra gold touches here and there but the $75 dollars in pillows has been the perfect short term fix. 


  1. You have done an amazing job decorating your home! It looks very cozy but also very chic and well thought out in regards to coordinating things! Love yalls living room set up!

  2. They look great! I seriously have the hardest time pulling the trigger on throw pillows!

  3. Love all those touches of gold! Isn't it great how something as something as pillows touches up a room in a great way?

  4. Love that gold table and your ikat chairs!

    Great start!