Mexico Livin'

Mexico is the place for my family that binds us.Almost ten years ago my parents bought a vacation home in the once "small" little village called Punta Mita. I remember ten years ago thinking my parents were nuts. 


Needless to say, they clearly knew what they were doing.


I love having this little gem in Mexico. It's a place where all of my family collects over Christmas, and since we've been coming for so long we've gotten to know all of the great spots and people that make up the town.

My aunts and uncles have jumped on board lately too and this year we had a group of 18.


Our weather was a little funky this year. We had 4 days of straight rain. The first two days we made the best of it, played games and stayed busy, but by day four people were starting to get a little stir crazy.

Our days down there consist of reading, gossipying and guacamole, and our nights aren't much different. 


 The one upside of the rain though was the outgragously gorgous sunsets. 

One night we had a BBQ and had a Cuban band come in to get the party started.
Every year we try to go whale watching. December is the time of year when the humpback whales move their way north and make a little pit stop in Punta Mita. While we were waiting for our boat, we got rained out and they had to cancel the trip.

We stayed under this little "food truck" on the beach and melted our sorrows away with a few   Coronas, fish tacos and our first round of Heads Up. 

If you haven't downloaded the Heads Up app, do it now - it's amazing.

 Because a lot of the restaurants are open air, we had to get creative at night and stay pretty close to the indoors.

Luckily the group all got into games and we had a Heads Up competition after dinner which was hysterical.

Oh, and a pinata.
 When in Mexico....
 My sister Hannah and I were teasing her boyfriend that came down that we were going to kill him in tennis. We both played in high school and had him believing that we were actually quite good. 

We found an hour of non-rain to play, and of course, he won.

It was weird to be down in Mexico without Joel. He's been coming down for the last 5 or 6 years, and there was a noticeable absence without him there.  Although I really missed him, it was a nice treat to have seven selfish days of my family. There is never enough time and this year, I really tried to just enjoy laying in bed with my sisters and talking.

 The group left on New Years day and left just the five of us. We had done plenty of partying for the week, so on the last night we ordered in pizza, watched Blackfish, played with each others hair, and went to bed early.


It was such a great vacation, and reality is no where near as fun.


  1. That is so great your parents have a place for you all to gather for Christmas down in Mexico. Looks like a wonderful vaca!

  2. What a nice spot and fun family vacation! Bummer that your hubs wasn't able to join y'all.

  3. You and your family look liked you had a wonderful time! I love the picture of you and your sisters with the Heart and Soul sweatshirts, too cute! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Whyyyy do you have such a gorgeous family?! Holy crap.

  5. This looks amazing. Now I want my family to own a home in Mexico!! Do your parents go throughout the year too?

  6. Do you think your family could adopt me?!? I mean...I really love my family and all, BUT...I wouldn't mind a Mexican vacay?!? Haha, only playing! This trip looks like amazing and such a special time for your family!

  7. That looks amazing! I knew you went every year, but I didn't realize your parents got a house down there. Definitely a great investment! :)

  8. So fun!! You're parents were super smart to get that house. It's such a blast getting your extended family together. My family gets a beach house every year and I look so much forward to it. I also have that maxi Jessica Simpson dress you're wearing in one of the pics!