These are a few of my LEAST favorite things

I'm going to be honest, life is really really peachy right now. Things seem to be in working order, my head is fresh and clear, and it's been like 80 and sunny every day in January. I'd be an idiot to complain.

But, I'm going to.
I took Roscoe to the dog park and wore flip flops yesterday (and shorts, it was 86) and I almost had to leave in the first 5 minutes. My feet were instantly dirty from the dry mud on the ground and it drove me crazy.  It always has. As a kid, after the beach and in the car home, I would spit in my hands to try and "wash" my feet. It's just one of those things I can't stand.

And so, on the drive home from the park, I started to think of other things I really can't stand. 

waiting for news
 Repeat to self as needed...
being late
Now - thats a clock that will always be on time
 don't step on my blue velvet shoes
sitting in the backseat of a car
road trip!

 Great Non-Alcoholic Hydrator.  Cucmber Lime Water.

Sunbathing baby Ella!
the subscription card in magazines
 Magazine Stacks wallpaper by Tracy Kendall
Klasyczne, czekoladowe, owocowe - a które #mleko Ty wybierasz? http://mlekolandia.pl/napoje-9-k
mopping floors
Seems like the only way I'll get anything done today...

when people use their cell phone in your company
TIME & PLACE. Some people are just pathetic when it comes to their phone use. I wish we could all designate times to be on our phones instead of all damn day. I'm only on mine during Charlotte's naps. People are so addicted & desperate for social media interaction that they miss the real face to face interaction around them.
dressing room lighting
Trying on clothes. Inside BIBA 1960s

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

read, but unresponded texts 
The Simply Luxurious Life®: Why Not . . . Practice Courteous Cell Phone Etiquette?

 need to remember this
airplane take-off
 get away
slow drivers
 L.A Traffic Late 50's.

unnecessary facebook status updates

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itchy clothing
 Gray & white.
alarm clocks
Pretty thing

What are yours? Come on - vent.


  1. I really dislike Dominos pizza. And it seems that it is the only thing ever served at kids' birthday parties (which I attend quite frequently with two school-aged children) because Dominos runs some sort of $5 per pizza special. It tastes like you paid $5 for that pizza.

  2. Ugh velvet - completely agree!

    I loathe cleaning in general, but especially cleaning the bathrooms. Which I need to do today…blah.

  3. wow, you and I have some of the same least favorite things! Right now, on the top of my least favorite things is feet that are freezing! We haven't been so lucky as to have 80 degree weather, and my poor feet are suffering. Fuzzy socks barely cut it. Lately I am in thick socks AND slippers. I can't wait for flip flop weather.

  4. The phone thing drives me nuts. And I obviously can't stand calories. But my favorite one is reading a text, but not responding!!! so rude!

  5. The word moist. Washing dishes. Waking up early. Folding and putting away clean laundry. Poor grammar. Bathing suit shopping.

    I'm in agreement with being late and the text thing. That one really irks me!

  6. listening to voicemails, just not gonna do it. having to tinkle before the alarm goes off. scraping ice of the car window. taking showers, wait what?

  7. Ha, I just love the shoes depicting the velvet. Perfect image to fit the awfulness of velvet.