Friday Five

I'm not sure I'll ever have long hair again. Short hair has been so much easier to style and keep, and I've been having a lot of fun playing around with different ways to wear it. 


Take this with a grain of salt but it's been a little cold here in LA. We are finally starting to see our first little glimpse of "winter", and I for one couldn't be more thrilled. I straight up refuse to wear sundresses, shorts, and flip flops in January.

My in-laws are in town to watch Joel run his 2nd ultra-marathon on Saturday morning. I love hosting people at my house and they're the easiest guests in the world. After Joel's race, we are driving down to San Diego to spend the night with Joel's brother and sister-in-law. And, believe it or not, instead of the Super Bowl we are actually going to The David Cup, a tennis tournament that's being held at Petco Park.

I'm sorry. I hate them. And Justin Bieber.

 Ok - so we've all seen the Budweiser dog/horse love story commercial, right?
But have you seen this New Castle gem?


Have a great weekend.
Never out of fear


  1. Your short hair so is cute! I'm with ya, I hate Miley, Madonna, and Justin! They all suck!

  2. I love your short hair! And I LOVE the Davis Cup - so fun that y'all get to go! I'm hoping to get to Wimbledon this year or next... bucket list item, for sure!

  3. With you on the Miley thing - seriously despise her. And I LOVE your short hair! It really is so much easier to do.

  4. First of all, I'm with you on the short hair. It's way easier! Second, how funny! We are going to be in San Diego and debated the tennis tournament! Still not sure.

    Have a great weekend! See you next week!

  5. Cold weather outfits are my fave - yours are great!

    I also do not like Madonna, Miley, or Justin. Gag.