10 Things I Learned from College

 I actually can't believe that it's been five years since I graduated from the University of Iowa. My time at Iowa was honestly amazing.  I truly feel like I got the quintessential college experience and I wouldn't change anything (or much of) what I did.

I had fun thinking back to my glory days - and dang they were so good. 

1. Make Your Bed  
And make it first thing. It's a game changer, especially when you do a lot of living in your bedroom.

2. College girlfriends will know you like no other group of friends....invest in them.
These girls get to know you like no other group of friends ever will. It's the first time you are all without your parents, living together as adults, doing adult things...its a bond that really can't be found ever again.

3. Don't watch sad shows
Grey's Anatomy was the big show during college and everyone would get together on Thursdays to watch it. Well, I would get such anxiety about all of the medical emergencies I'd end up not sleeping for three nights afterwards - all to do it again the following Thursday. I got wise by sophomore year and joined the group after the show was over. 

4. The importance of volunteering
To Whom Much is Given; Much is Required finally made sense to me and I started understanding that I fell into that category.

5. Long Island Ice Tea's don't agree with you 
Especially six of them.

6. Exercise has to be a priority
Especially when you are eating Velveeta as a 4th dinner every weekend. 

7.  How to get out of a ticket
There are lots of morons on college campuses, including myself at times, but having manners goes a long way.

8. Not all vodka is created equal.
There is a BIG difference between Hawkeye Vodka and Kettle One. I promise you it's worth the extra $4 bucks. 
9. When to go home
And that would be before you have the spins.

10. That your college major means less than you think it does
I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education - and while I truly believe aspects of that degree have helped me in every job I've ever held, I've never struggled to find a job outside of that field. 

And Go Hawks! 


  1. make your bed - seriously soo true! Knowing when to go home is also critical!

  2. these are awesome and so so true!!! Your college friends truly will know you the best. College is such an amazing experience.

  3. College was seriously four of the best years EVER - my sister is just starting in the fall and I'm ridiculously jealous!

  4. Ohhhh god. Didn't learn how to get out of a ticket but luckily I haven't had once since (KNOCK ON WOOD ha). I literally felt nauseous when you made me remember the one night I had Long Island Iced teas... and promptly wanted to die the next morning haha. Great list!

  5. hahaha numbers 5 and 8 made me laugh....you're so right though :-)

  6. I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a few months now. I live in Iowa and cheer for the Hawks! My brother and sister-in-law are alumni. Iowa City is a great place and I'm glad you had a great experience.