Our Baby Shower

The baby shower my mom and sisters threw for me was honestly perfect.

The shower was held at our country club, so the morning of the shower, my mom, aunt and sisters headed there early while I snuck in a walk with a girlfriend (hi anne!) and then got ready for the big reveal. 

It's funny, looking back at the pictures, the weather was very similar to the weather on my wedding day. It kind of wanted to rain, but never really did, and it actually made for really beautiful pictures. 

When I walked into the room at the Country Club, I was just so awestruck and the backdrop of the club, the lake-y feel my mom had created, and the vibe that meshed our wedding and nursery.

My most favorite touch were the ores, which sat out at our wedding, and all of the hydrangeas- our wedding flower as well.

And this little clothes line of all of the baby clothes? 


And of course I had to take pillow home with me! It was literally made for our little nursery.

When my mom decided to have the shower at the club, I told her I wanted to ditch the idea of cake and do an ice cream bar. We grew up spending our summers here, and they have literally the best soft serve in the world, so she decked out the bar with lots of fun toppings and then at dessert time they brought out individual bowls of ice cream.


The shower started at noon and I had about 45 minutes while everyone was arriving to mingle and catch up before lunch was served.

Joel's mom (mimi to soon-to-be five grandchildren) and my sister-in-law Lauren were both able to be at the shower too which was amazing.


We had a great lunch and then once dessert was being served, my sisters and cousin Amanda helped me get the gift line started. 

You never want the gifting part of the shower to go one for hours, and we had 37 extremely generous friends there, so it had the potential, but they kept the flow moving quick which was amazing.

And my youngest cousins had a ton of fun opening the gifts with me. They loved unwrapping the gifts and seeing all of the cute baby stuff....they were the shower's entertainment for sure.

My mom had the guests bring a book in lieu of a card, and honestly, that was amazing. Joel and I both loved going through all of the awesome books we collected, and this baby has a fully stocked library now.

After gifts were opened and ice cream was served, everyone made their way out around 2:30/3ish with some of the cute onesie cookies we had made the day before.

And, what I couldn't choke out during my shower speech because I cry far too easily, was how thankful I am for my mom.

Beyond the fact that she put this whole shower together for us, made it perfect, and put in a lot of time and effort to throw such a flawless afternoon, she is truly my lifeline. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to my mom, think about my mom, try to act like my mom...

She's everything to me and my baby is so beyond lucky to have her as his Grandma.


  1. Gorgeous shower! And you look so lovely Tess!

    I adore the idea as books for cards too!

  2. Your shower looked so pretty! I love all of the hydrangeas! What a great day celebrating a special little boy!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. Beautiful! You are a very loved woman and that little baby will have just as much love in his life!!

  4. What a beautiful shower, and loving all the details and the favors! I totally agree that when the weather is like that it makes for gorgeous pictures :)

  5. GORGEOUS shower! So fun reading all of the details and checking out the photos. You were positively glowing!

  6. Looks like a beautiful shower! I love the clothes line and that ice cream bar is a brilliant idea!

  7. What a lovely shower! Thank you for commenting on my blog; it led me to yours! It looks like we are both having babies in October, so I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  8. I am definitely back-reading about your baby shower because I'm in the super early stages of planning one for a friend and have a question for you. Obviously you and Joel live in LA, and your shower was in Chicago - what did y'all do for any bigger items that you received that you couldn't pack and fly back to LA with you? It's a similar situation for the shower I'm planning - we're hosting in MA and the mama-to-be lives a plane ride away!