Chicago Recap

I was totally off my picture game this weekend home, so this post is pretty sparse. The main event of my trip home was the baby shower, and I'm going to save all of those pictures for a separate post later!

When I got in, my mom picked me up at the airport and we went right over to a family friends house for dinner. 

Part of the reason I miss Crystal Lake so much is the neighborhood we live in. We grew up with lots of family friends and a really great sense of community. We always had people coming in and out of our house, and did the same with tons of other neighbors. I don't think anyone locks their doors until night time....The older I get, the more I realize how lucky I was to have that as a kid. 

Thursday we had breakfast with my Grandma and uncle, ran some errands (found my very last minute baby shower dress), and then went home to bake cookies for the shower with my cousin, her boyfriend, and Aunt Betty who was staying with my parents for a few weeks. 

These damn cookies were a lot of work.....but it was actually a lot of fun and they made for delicious and adorable goody bags. 

My dad made us all steaks for dinner and we just hung out after our work was done. 

On Friday, my sisters got into town. We were supposed to spend the night celebrating a birthday party for another friend, but my dad actually ended up having to go to the hospital. His wrist had been bothering him, which we thought was just from too much golf, but after a few nurses saw his wrist and a scary red line traveling up his arm,  they sent my parents to the ER right away.

Thankfully - all was well with my dad. It was an infection they were able to fix right away with an IV and antibiotics - thank goodness.

My aunt was awesome too while we were waiting and kept us distracted with about 32 rounds of scattegories. 

And, then, on Saturday morning, I had to get my fix of blueberry cake donuts. 

Saturday night, my parents country club randomly had a country night. A few families decided to go, just to see if it was worth anything, and it actually turned out to be a ton of fun.

The band was surprisingly awesome, and we all got out on the dance floor, sang a bunch of country covers, and had a really good time.

Sunday was the baby shower, and it turned out beyond my wildest guesses. My mom, aunt, and sisters did such a good job pulling everything together....it honestly couldn't have been more perfect. We got home from the shower around 3, and all of my uncles and boy cousins were at the house, so the party continued until well past dinner. We were slurring our words due to exhaustion by the time everyone left, but it was amazing.

Monday morning was rainy - so my mom, aunt, and I took full advantage and went to a movie. This was the first time I have been to a theatre were seats that go back fully....and holy cow, it's life changing. 

I honestly would go to the movies every week if our theater was like this.

We ordered pizza on that night - a must have everytime I'm home - and just took it easy Monday night. 

I had to leave bright and early to get back to reality Tuesday morning.

It's never easy leaving Chicago, but I walked into the house to a note and flowers from Joel and Roscoe...and a smoothie waiting in the fridge for me....

He's a good one. 


  1. I'm surprised you don't have any movie theatres with reclining seats. Once those popped up, it's all I go to now. That and you get to choose your seats ahead of time! It's the best!

    So glad you had so much fun at your trip home. Can't wait for shower pics. :)

  2. Isn't going home the best?! I seriously find it the most relaxing thing ever. Glad you had so much fun and can't wait to see your shower pics!

  3. I can't wait to hear more about your shower! Where did you get your dress from? I got a dress for mine and I think it's cute but it makes me look huge! Looks like you had a great weekend at home! Those cookies are too cute and I can't believe they're homemade!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  4. Can't wait to see photos from your shower! Love the onesie cookies :)

    AMC Century City has one of those theaters now! It is called Prime and it's upstairs. The seats recline and you can put your feet up.

    Also I'm pretty sure the dine in AMC theater in the marina also has the reclining chairs. I haven't been since it opened though so I can't say for sure.