Weekend Report

Friday night we decided to keep it chill, make enchiladas at home, and get the guest room ready for the handyman to come on Saturday morning. Our weekends lately have taken a serious adjustment...but we honestly need the time to get things done, so it is what it is.

This was also the first weekend that I felt like Roscoe was all about my bump. I'm not sure if it's all of the house changes that are being made or the noticeable size increase that's been happening the last few weeks but he is all about it and it's precious. 


We took down the guest bed, watched a bunch of hilarious episodes of Chrisley Know's Best and called it a night.

Saturday morning we were up, excited, and ready for the handyman to whip our room into shape!

He was supposed to be here at 9am, and let me just cut to the chase, he never friggen showed up.

I was livid. We had confirmed with him on Thursday after talking for weeks, and the guy just totally blew me off. Never called me back, never returned my texts...nothing.

I took a steaming walk to try and relax but, I'm going to be honest, it kind of ruined my day. I had such high hopes of seeing that room come together, but it's obviously not the end of the world. It'll get done in time.

Joel was nice enough to attempt to put up the decals, and even though it literally took us the entire day, we made some progress.


My math was off, so we only have half the wall done, but it's going to look great when its done.

We took an afternoon break to tour an apartment for my parents in Marina Del Rey where they are hoping to stay for six weeks over the winter. It's in a great location and the views were beautiful so I'm hoping it works out.

I just couldn't shake my annoyances from the morning, and Joel and I were pretty much at each other's throats from the aggravation of the day (hanging 100 decals straight in a perfect grid box should be in marriage bootcamp), but cupcakes, music and a grill session outside helped a lot.  

There is something about eating outside, or just sitting outside with a drink, that always help cool off hot situations for us. 

Sunday I was thankful for a fresh start. Joel got in a nice long run (like 20 miles long...) and I lounged in bed until he got home, so we both felt pretty blissed out.

We had to run some errands on Sunday, but didn't find what we were looking for. Afterwards, we met up with my cousins and their sweet baby Nolan at Golden Road Brewery. 


Nolan was such a joy - we had a blast hanging with them - and Golden Road is a really great place to hang out. Besides the fact that it's god awful hot in the valley, the brewery has great beers, it's super family friendly (and dog friendly *on cooler days), and lots of food options so I'm thinking it will be one of our most visited spots come the winter.

 We ended up having an enormous lunch....followed by more cupcakes... so when we got home we were stuffed and just relaxed for the rest of the evening. 


 Obviously, I'm on the hunt for a new handyman, but that will have to wait until after my trip home. I head back to Chicago for my baby shower so this week and next are due to be filled with lots of good stuff. 

A well traveled woman


  1. Oh, hang in there! We are remodeling our bathroom right now, so I feel ya. I'm 99 percent sure if i was doing this all while 7 mos pregnant it would be …. well, bad. The room looks great though! Y'all are pretty awesome! That picture of you in Roscoe is too adorable! Have fun at your baby shower!!! Enjoy it! Its starts to fly by now!

  2. Ugh about the handyman. I really find that a lot with handymen/contractors. It is so hard to find a good one and even harder to get one that doesn't pull crap of that sort.

    have a great time in chicago! The weather forecast in these parts is perfection.

  3. Ugh how annoying!! That's exciting your parents are coming to stay nearby for 6 weeks!

  4. Oh girl, I know just what you mean about marriage bootcamp...I had a total melt down on my husband this weekend because I feel like the weekends are already busy, plus trying to get the finishing touches on a million home projects before baby Lucie arrives in 8 weeks....I just lost my marbles! But the progress on the room looks amazing!

  5. those decals are awesome! Nothing is more annoying than a worker that doesn't show up. I know all too much about that!

  6. I feel your pain on the flaky handyman!! The number of times I've been flat out lied to in the past few weeks is infuriating. I don't know of any other industry that can continually over promise, under deliver. You plan and dedicate your time, and it's just so frustrating. Our new front door was supposed to be ready 3 weeks ago. Every week it's a new bs story about someone getting sick or a problem in the factory, I'm like, is this really how you operate a business?!??

    In happier news, the nursery looks fabulous!!!

  7. Give that guy a review on the BBB website (like he's even on there lol). So sorry but the room looks really good so far and like you said, yes, it will get done ;) Glad good food outside helped turn the weekend around and you definitely have so much goodness coming up!