Hostess Gift Ideas

I've been fortunate enough, over the last few years, to have friends and family host us beautiful  showers for our wedding and now for our baby - and I've spent a lot of time trying to find gifts that attempt to show our gratitude.

I feel like the "perfect" gift for a host is one that is nice and meaningful, but also unique and somewhat custom. Those are always my most favorite gifts to give (and receive!) and I like to think, most of my hosts have been touched by the gesture. 

For one of my wedding showers, my aunts asked everyone to bring a favorite recipe to stock my cookbook. I tried to run with that theme, so I had one of my grandfather's classic recipes printed onto a platter via this shop on Etsy 

Paired with a set of dish towels or an apron, and this gift was the perfect gift - especially considering the shower theme.
cute botanical print apron

Another favorite for shower gifts is a monogrammed blanket. I ordered a few from West Elm and Pottery Barn, and I love the look with the families last name, or initials. It's also one of my most favorite gifts to receive too. I'm not sure who my friend used, but she had our wedding logo stamped into a super cozy blanket that we use all the time. 

  Initial Throw Blanket

Champagne is always a hit in my book, but sometimes I feel like it looks like a last minute gift if it's just plopped in a gift bag, so pairing it with custom coasters is my favorite way to show that you put a little extra effort into it.

East Coaster        Needlepoint Monogram Coasters

For my baby shower last week in Chicago, I worked with MaidofClay on Etsy to have a vase made with my parents monogram.

Etsy is my go-to. I find great ideas, great prices, and great shops to work with and I have never had a bad experience with anyone I've worked with their to date. 

I've pinned these ideas for gifts to bookmark for future use, too - they beat the heck out of a giftcard.

Trendy Bride | Coastal Fort Getty Pavilion Rhode Island pineapple save the date tea towel @weddingchicks 
  Great wedding gift idea. Maple leaf Cutting Board with monogram. HANDMADE Men's Leather Toiletry Case Dopp Kit Shaving Bag OOAK Groomsmen Present Groomsman Gift Wedding #Groom Lifeless Leather Co Cognac Bag...

Do you have a foolproof hostess gift that you use?


  1. Love all of these ideas! Just getting to that stage in life now where people (including myself!) are getting married, having babies, moving in together etc etc and am always looking for good gifts like these!

  2. Love these ideas!!! I think it's so nice to do the personalized gift because it does show you put the thought in ahead of time. I've actually found it hard to come up with good hostess gifts sometimes, so I love these!!!!

  3. All great ideas! I also tried to customize hostess gifts for my bridal showers, I think it shows you're putting effort into the person as an individual for sure. And got to love Etsy! :)

  4. Just pinned this for future reference. Such lovely ideas!

  5. Etsy is always such a good resource! I just went through hostess gifts for my shower and did a post on it too. I will have to use this for future reference!

  6. These are all such good ideas! I feel like I have the worst time coming up with hostess gifts- bookmarking this so I will remember for next time.