Bumpdate: 32 weeks

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How Far Along? 32w5d, due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 24lbs / 23lb at doc

Maternity Clothes: Solid mix but spending a lot more of my days in workout clothes

Nursery: Just anxiously waiting on our glider. We had a delay in shipping but it should ship the 28th. Once the glider is here, we'll really start to move in!
Movement: Lots! We've been laughing at some of his performances lately - the other night he kicked the same spot like 23 times in a row. You can see a lot of movement under my clothes too. I had to (somewhat jokingly) ask my doctor if there could ever be too much movement, which she said no.

Symptoms: Afternoon tiredness, feeling of swollen feet, and bad skin! Overall though, I am still feeling great. I'm trying really hard to keep up my activity and exercise and just keep on keepin' on!
Sleep: I toss and turn, and I get up probably 5 or 6 times but I fall asleep pretty quickly so it's not bad.
Joel: He was really excited because he got some pretty cute UT outfits for his birthday and at our shower for the baby to don this football season. 

Workouts: Let's go with five and a half.....1 spin class, 1 pool, and then decent neighborhood walks the other 4 days.

Mood: Feeling really overwhelmed by my September schedule and to-do list. There is literally not an open day, and I feel like I have Santa's scroll of things that "need" to get done next month. I'm assuming it's somewhat a projection of my anxiety mixed with nesting kicking in but holy cow we are going to be busy. 

Cravings: Lattes

What I Miss: Some of my clothes.

Random Things: My mom, sisters, and I are obsessed with Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) - follow him on instagram if you don't! - and he was doing a book signing in Santa Monica this week for his children's book, so I went and got two signed copies, one for me and one for my mom/Coco. 
Best Moment This Week:  The baby shower this week was amazing and yesterday we had a great check up. Got my Tdap shot, heard the babes heartbeat steady in the 140's and the baby kept kicking the doppler which was pretty funny. We scheduled our growth scan ultrasound for 2 weeks from yesterday! 

Looking Forward To: Babymoon begins today!!!!


  1. Have a great babymoon! It seems like everything is going great. :) It's great that he is so active!

  2. Post lots of baby on pics! I hope your arm isn't sore from that shot!!

  3. Tess, you are so cute! You look adorable - that baby will be here before you know it :)

  4. You look so great! Don't worry about the to do list. I remember starting to freak out around this time too. Once baby gets here, all those things won't be as important. As long as you have diapers and a way to feed your baby you are good to go! ;)

  5. You look awesome mama!!!! Have a blast on your Babymoon. It's very well deserved!!

  6. Your maternity style is on point! Love that dress- you look awesome! enjoy the babymoon and baby prep.

  7. Classiest mama to be, girl! So neat about the book signing, also.

  8. Lookin good! Love that dress too! Have the most AMAZING babymoon! :) :)

  9. You look awesome lady! Have so much fun on your babymoon - you guys deserve it!!

  10. You look so great!! Enjoy the babymoon!!