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Last weekend Joel's brother's family was in from Iowa and we decided to take all of the kids to a train museum not too far from our house. The museum itself is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it's a nice destination if you have kids who are into trains. 

Nowadays, we're pretty much game to do anything Leo-centric, just because we get such joy watching the excitement through his eyes. 

Plus, it was a great activity for a nice day, with a pretty big group of kids, that kept everyone busy and happy! 

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I know I talked about adding a new chair to my living room, and when I posted it about it here, I was envisioning a leather club chair, but for right now, we have a placeholder in the form of one of my parents chairs. They're moving next month, and a lot of their furniture isn't making the cut to the new house, so I have so graciously offered to "store" it here for them (i.e. steal it for life). I'm so obsessed with this new little corner and it really completes the living room. Plus, I added another lamp which we needed so it's been win-win!

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An update from yesterday's post. The Chicken Ceaser Sliders were SO good. The recipe could not be easier, it's literally a level 1, and it will be making a repeat appearance very often around here.

Only difference is that I did not use a full bottle of the ceaser dressing and the chicken was plenty flavorful.

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15 FALL DECOR IDEAS - Place Of My Taste
I would go totally overboard with holiday decor spending, so I try to give myself a $50-$100 budget each year (per holiday!) to add to my collection (Joel tries to tell me that includes candles for the season, but....it really doesn't). This year I know I want to put a good amount of that money on some outside fun to spruce up the entry.
 Christmas Red Berry Black & White Burlap Ribbon Monogram Letter S Grapevine Wreath Door Decor Holidays

For Fall -Burlap table runner with bow (cute and easy!)

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 We have a pretty low key weekend on deck and I'm excited for it.....staying in both Friday and Saturday night, doing some freezer stocking on Saturday and making a good amount of Chicken Pot Pies, going to try and get out on the lake for a paddle boarding session, and maybe even try and sneak in a movie or mani/pedi. One of our slower weekends for a while so I'm going to try and soak it up.

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  1. Love how that corner of your living room turned out! Will be making those sandwiches soon! Happy Weekend!

  2. Those sandwiches look so yummy, I love a good easy week night meal. I'm also really looking forward to a weekend in and can't wait to just relax. Hope yall have a great weekend!

  3. The Chicken Ceasar Sliders look fantastic! I'm getting excited about fall decorations as well.

  4. That little corner of your living room is very cute and quaint!!

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  5. I think your fall decor looks very nice! I haven't decorated for fall yet but will soon. It's hard to begin doing it when it's in the high eighties and nineties in temperatures!