Bumpdate: 23 weeks

 If you're following along: weeks 5-12 , weeks 13-16  , weeks 17-19 , weeks 20-22

best I could do this week....was snapping pictures after my girlfriend lent me some maternity clothes. 

How Far Along? 23w6d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: 11lbs, 10lbs at doctor

Maternity Clothes:  Still just jeans but I pulled out some of my old nursing tanks and have been wearing those as lounge tops with sweaters this week.

Nursery: No....We are borrowing or receiving a good amount of hand me downs, so we do need to coordinate picking those up in the next month or two. I keep telling myself that October will be Mission Nursery!

Movement: YES - and lots. I've tried to even video tape my stomach while she is moving but it doesn't come off on the video quite as cool as it is in person.

Symptoms: On the bad side of things, I was absolutely beat this week. Especially over the weekend...by 1pm, I would lay down on the couch and pretty instantly fall into a deep sleep for two hours. I am not a napper by nature and really don't love them, but this pregnancy has forced them on me. I was also really anxious this week for no apparent reason so that was not fun. Up until now, I have had that side of things really well managed so that has been a little discouraging.

Sleep: Great I just need a ton of it.  

Joel: Is honestly so good about picking up my slack. We hosted a lot of people here over the weekend, and most afternoons, like I mentioned, I couldn't even force myself to do anything and by the time I had woken up from my nap, everything had been taken care of.

Workouts: Back to the gym twice again this week. I really like the kickboxing class I'm doing on Thursdays, and we've been getting in lots of great walks with this fall like weather we are having lately.

Mood: Moody this week. I was annoyed at being so tired and then my anxiety was much higher than normal this week too.

Cravings: Nothing much that I can think of....thin crust pizza always sounds delightful.

What I Miss: Alcohol

Random Things: Fall weather has started to arrive and it's been blissful! And timely too because my non-maternity workout shorts are not working any longer!

Best Moment of the Week: Despite my anxiety, we had a wonderful, normal, low key doctors appointment. We heard the baby's heartbeat clock in at 152/bpm, my belly measured right on track at 24cm, I have a good relationship with my doctor which really helps, and was sent on my way until my next appointment at 28 weeks which is the gluclose test appointment!

Looking Forward To: Re-setting my mind, enjoying the next four weeks of September, and enjoying this healthy, normal, easy pregnancy.

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