Long Time, No Talk.

Hello....anyone out there? 

Maybe, maybe not? It would be only fair if there were just about crickets...and my mom and Joel....but, I'm going to recommit myself to this space for attempt #23545. 

I'm not trying to be a #blogger, I'm not looking to turn a profit (although, I'm down for it), but I want to see, if I go back to the ways that this blog used to bring me joy.....if it still will. And if it doesn't, then maybe it'll be time to bow out for a little while.

For the most part, this blog was a way for me to memory keep. Now, with Chatbooks and Instagram highlights, I sometimes feel like this space gets a little redundant. I also used to like to share my mundane for my family and friends back in Chicago when I was living in California, but now, they do that with me, so I feel quite a bit silly talking about what I ate for dinner, when they probably already know or were with me.

I'm going to try, HARD, to get 4 posts up a week. Starting, next week ;) Something has me coming back to this little space, thinking about it a lot, so I'm going to see what happens if I commit to it. 

Not sure why I feel like I need to share the above, but, I typed it out, so we'll go with it. 


So, if you're new - or if you're not - here's what you should know about me 

::: I'm 30. I live in the Chicago suburbs, I'm married - to Joel - with two kids; Leo (3) and Drew (1). 

::: Joel and I have been together since I was 19. We dated long distance in college, moved together to Chicago, and then moved to Los Angeles for 5 years where we got engaged, married, and had Leo. We've been back in Chicago for 2 years.

::: I have wanted to be a #SAHM since I was probably 4. I like my job as mom and wife and homemaker, and I like to feel like I do a pretty good job of it. The house is always pretty clean, the kids almost always look cute (I do not....but they do). I get joy out of cooking dinner and eating at the table together, I like being around other moms, keeping everyone on a pretty decent schedule, and I like going to sleep before 9pm.

::: I could absolutely be accused of being #basic. I like to drink coffee until I can drink wine, I like to wear lululemons at target, I like any excuse to have a "playgroup", I like workout classes, I like pumpkin spice lattes, I'm down for uggs, I love the housewives, I listen to podcasts, I miss Gilmore Girls.....

::: I have 2 younger sisters that live in the city, and my parents and in-laws - all of whom we are very close to - live in our town. I see and talk to my mom everyday, see my in laws probably 3 times a week, and Joel works with my dad....so we have a lot of family time.

::: I think we are done having kids. I sort of always saw myself with 3 kids, but Joel has always wanted 2, and now that we have a boy and a girl, and the idea of not having to do it again sounds more appealing, I'm really coming around to the idea that our family is truly complete. 

::: I've never been there - but the next place I would move to would be Charleston. Or, if we hit it big, I'd like a winter house there ;) 

::: I've mentioned it before, but I have a weird thing with textiles. I hate velvet, silk, fleece, wool, spandex.....I know I said I wear lululemons to target, but I actually hate the material of lululemons, and whenever I get home, I immediately have to change into something cotton. 

::: I'd like to be an interior designer someday.

::: I get energy from being around other people. I like to have friends over constantly, be around other people, be out of the house, and always have a full calendar. 

::: During the day, I don't like to have the TV on, but I have podcasts going pretty much all the time, from almost the second I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. Similar to the point above, but hearing people talk calms me and energizes me. 

::: I have quite a bit of anxiety ..... worst thing ever. I take medication for it - used to have the BEST therapist in the world in LA, but haven't found the right one since we moved here. 

::: My favorite food is probably pizza with an ice cold beer. 

::: Or maybe sushi and a glass of champagne - tough call ;) 

::: I drink a lot of lime La Croix

::: I rarely shower. Maybe 3x a month? I much prefer a bath and normally take them when my kids nap. 

::: And I really believe in this 


  1. Love this post! We're very similar in a lot of ways. I would absolutely LOVE for you to come to Charleston! That quote is so spot on and I wish more people lived by it too!

  2. Still reading!!! Keep posting girl!
    And being done with two kids. YES!!! LOL Long term I could see having three kids being nice (i.e. once they are grown and out of the house), but for now in the thick of it, two feels so good and busy and FULL. And I love the idea of never having to be pregnant/ recover from a c section again.

    1. Hi friend - You’ve been here for so many states (and babies) between us! Never being pregnant (and no more Cs) sounds pretty friggen good to me too

  3. Definitely still reading, friend! Love this. Haven't posted on my blog in a while, so I'm feeling these sentiments. Let's make a date for sushi and champagne (or pizza and beer!) soon!

  4. Still reading! I am obsessed with the key lime La Croix right now.

  5. Love love love this post! And SO glad you're on the blogging train! xoxo

  6. Hey! I am newish around here... started when you were pregnant with Drew so over a year!
    At the risk of sounding creepy, I was drawn to your blog because of your name. My name is also Tess and I haven't met any others with our name. :) Another thing... I LOVE Chicago. I am from Arkansas and visited almost 3 years ago with my husband and sons. We all fell in love with Chicago.
    Before I go married and had children, I totally could have been one of those gals that lived in a big city, living the single life. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't trade it now, but I still imagine what living in a high rise building looking onto lake Michigan would be like...
    Maybe you could to an "in the life of" with one of your sisters. That would be fun. You can totally go tell me to fly a kite too. LOL

    1. TESS! Love it!!!!! Chicago is truly a great city - and I love your idea about Introducing my sisters day.....it’s actuakly genius. My sisters are both way cooler than me - I think Itd be a really fun peek! I’ll see them this weekend and try and cook something up.

  7. Tess, keep posting! 4x/week is ambitious; even if it's weekly, it's still a valuable contribution! There are so many reasons I love your blog. You are a descriptive writer, you're upbeat but also realistic, you value and celebrate family (which I LOVE!), you are motivating, etc. etc. Seriously-- your blog is a treat and is one of the rare blogs these days that has stayed true to its original intent as a 'memory keeper' rather than a disingenuous shilling machine. Your values come through strongly and I love that you celebrate and aren't apologetic for being a SAHM. Keep shining! You are a bright light!

  8. Katrinka - You just made my day. Wow, thank you for your sincere, sweet, thoughtful, and motivating note. I read your note to anyone that would let me.....you made me feel proud of myself. Thank you.

  9. I too still read! I am all for the authentic life of blogging!

  10. Also still reading! You gave me some awesome LA recs a few years ago - thank you! I have a 2 year old and a 4mo old and recently became a SAHM so I love reading about someone in a similar stage as me :)

  11. Oh girl you know I am still reading! I love that you are going to continue writing the blog! It gives me a glimpse of what I am missing at home. XOXO PS. Love the idea of doing a day in the life of your sisters!!

  12. I’m missed your post, but just wanted to say I love reading your blog! I also drink an insane amount of coffee and seltzer!

  13. Still reading, always! Love you XOXO

  14. Hi!I'm a teacher in California. and have been quietly reading for a while...I should probably comment sometime! I initially was interested because you're also in Califormia, but now your move is making me want to relocate lol. Love your recipes and day in the lifes!

  15. I still read! Loved going back and reading your monthly posts when I found out I was having a boy! And now love reading your adventures bc our babies are the same age! xoxo