Our Christmas

We had the best Christmas. Leo is at such a fun age and it was just so special to have our family witness the joy of Christmas again through his eyes. 

We started the Christmas weekend off with Brunch with Santa at my parents Country Club. My sisters and I have been going to this brunch for twenty years, and again - to now go to it as a mom - is really special. I used to dream about that when I was 12, and now I'm living it out. 

Leo wasn't super thrilled with the idea of sitting on Santa's lap, but he did well, and didn't meltdown so we'll call it a win.

Joel and I hosted Christmas Eve for my Dad's side of the family, and ended up hosting 34 for dinner, with an extra 6 for happy hour/Santa gifts. The house was full - but it was one of the best times ever.

After brunch, we headed back to our house to start the prep work. My sisters, mom, and I put together 2 massive lasagnas, we set up the bar, the tables, and Joel prepped the beef tenderloin, shrimp and salmon appitizers, and made sure we were ready to roll. 

Christmas Eve I met some girlfriends for yoga at 7:30. It was the smartest way to start the day.

After we got the kids ready, before we knew it, the day had begun. We had guests arrive at 1pm.

Drinks, good food, kids - it was amazing. Santa even dropped by for a visit.


Santa was quite the hit at the party. The kids were in awe and every parent brought a wrapped gift for their own kid - which made the "exchange" really simple.

We sat for dinner at 5pm, we set up a buffet in the kitchen and then had one giant table in the living and dining room for everyone to sit at.

After dessert, most people were headed home by 6:30. We cleaned and played games with my sisters and a few cousins, and then Joel and I stayed up until about 11 until we cleaned up the entire party. We put the chairs away, washed every dish - it was a lot of work - but really nice to wake up on Christmas morning without anything to do.

Christmas morning came early - we made cinnamon rolls, and our little family sat around the Christmas tree and exchanged gifts. 

We took our time at home, watched the kids play with their toys - and wrapping paper - and leisurely got ready before we headed to my parents.

We got to my parents around 11, and then opened more gifts with my parents and sisters. Everyone was OUTRAGEOUSLY generous, and we all had gifts to open for like an hour! 

After gifts, my dad made swedish pancakes, and then we all took a long walk. The weather was SO mild for Christmas - like 40/45 degrees - so we were able to take our drinks and the kids and play outside for almost an hour. It was one of my favorite memories of the entire day.

We also played a really fun marbles game while Drew was napping - and then - Joel and my mom prepped an amazing dinner - lobster, corn salad, potatoes....everything was perfect. 

We packed up our car, got our kids home early, and cheersed a glass of wine to a Christmas well spent. 


  1. Man, you guys know how to do a holiday right!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas! I know it's so much work to host, but it's so worth it! I also love that selfie of you and Leo. It's so sweet!

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  4. Loved, loved this post. Your Christmas celebrations looked so lovely. Christmas Eve sounded especially special. Merry Christmas!

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