Dr. Oz's Fat Fighting Dip

Last Friday while Joel was in Nashville I had a few girls over for dinner and drinks. I feel like I always make guacamole when my friends come over, so I scoured pintrest to find a different type of dip to serve for the evening. 

I tried my hands at Dr.Oz's remake on 7-Layer Dip and it was SO FREAKING GOOD. I should have taken a picture, but for a good fiftenn minutes, four of us girls sat at the kitchen table, not speaking, just eating.

Plus, it's pretty much guilt free, which makes it taste that much better

4 cups shredded lettuce
Homemade guacamole or store bought - I used a combo
Greek yogurt with 1 pkg taco seasoning mix  - I make my own Taco Seasoning
1 can black beans
3 medium diced tomatoes
2 cans sliced olives
8 oz cheddar cheese

Layer  lettuce on the bottom of a dish (I used a 9x11 pan) and add each layer on top of the next, ending with sprinkling the cheese on top.

Yes, it's that easy.


  1. That looks SO good!! May have to try it at some point.

  2. GET IN MAH BELLY NOWWWWWWW. Seriously, thanks a LOT, I have to make this asap.

  3. I've made this a million times and never thought of using greek yogurt instead! What a great idea; I will have to try this next time!

  4. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! I love visiting your blog and I’m sure others will too. :) You can find more info here: http://whenmybellrings.blogspot.com/2013/08/liebster-nomination-right-here-hey.html

  5. Oh my gosh, does that ever look delicious!