5 Things You Should Probably Do...today.

1. Buy Big Little Lies - assuming that you have already read and loved The Husbands Secret (...cough, cough Claire!). I cannot put this book down. Just like The Husbands Secret, I lose hours behind this book before I realized what has happened. With The Husbands Secret I literally woke up in the middle of the night wanting to read it and Big Little Lies hasn't let me down.

2. Just jump for the fall hoopla - I tried to stay tough; at least until the official fall season, but screw it. The Octoberfest tastes too good, I love seeing my fall decor, and I love any excuse to have some candy corn and pumpkin flavored M&Ms.
I've picked MY punkin ♥ 

3. Try Perrier Lime - I am a LaCroix addict - no doubt - but Costco was out of LaCroix, so I had to switch gears and give Perrier Lime a try. Don't tell my old favorite - but I might almost like it better. I like the slim can.... they feel fancy.... and overall they have just a touch more lime flavor than the LaCroix. It's been a refreshing switch.

4. Stop forgetting about FaceTime - it really is so much better than a phone call, so I'm not sure  it always slip my mind to use it? I feel so much closer to home when I can actually see home and the people there, so I'm upping my FaceTime usage stat.

Best friends

5. Start a gratitude journal - In between Big Little Lies, I'm reading The Magic, and it's powerful. If you decide that the entire book is fantastical and silly (and you may), at least it will wake you up to how UNgrateful you've probably been living. I was literally moved to tears during a chapter encouraging you to thank your senses for doing what they do. No joke. If you're reading this, your blessed, and it can't hurt to thank God, Allah, The Universe or whoever else might be listening. #blessed #promiseIwontusethathashtagagain #butweare
Free Gratitude Journal

Anything I should try??


  1. I just started Big little lies last night and can't wait to get further into it! Have you read What Alice forgot? That one is really good too! I'm totally embracing all things fall already and I love the idea of a gratitude journal

  2. i have yet to read my husbands secret but clearly I need to get on it! I also just picked up a case of Ocktoberfest... love it. I have yet to indulge in a PSL but I'm sure the day is right around the corner. Love your idea for gratitude journal!

  3. That golden and a pumpkin!!!

    Yes, FaceTime is amazing. I use it daily with my parents.

  4. I'm also reading Big Little Lies. Love it!

  5. You are so right! It is time to dive into fall!!!

  6. I haven't read The Husband's Secret or Big Little Lies yet... but they're both on my library list. I've got too many books on deck right now. My kind of problem. :)