How do you stay present while planning for the future?

Weekends move at warp speed, months fly by before I've been able to enjoy them, and all of a sudden a year has gone by in the blink of an eye.

We have so much on our calendar I feel like my mind is always on next week's schedule, or next month's dinner party, or organizing next year's vacation. With my mind always three steps ahead of my body, I've been in this constant state of anxiety where I feel like time is slipping through my fingers.

I'm not enjoying right now, because in my mind, it's already gone. It's already Christmas and it's already next year and I'm already sad it's gone.
I have trips that I haven't taken, 3 in October almost back to back, and the anxiety of being gone is already getting to me...and I haven't even left yet.
Do you find that this happens to you? I think it might be something that a lot of women struggle with, but how do you enjoy today without worrying about tomorrow?

Give me your tips wise women (and Dalai Lama)


  1. I'm constantly wondering where has the time gone!

  2. The best advice I can give you is to just be as organized as possible - whether that means making lists of what to pack for those trips, writing down the mental notes of things you need to get done... For me, when I can write down the "stuff" in my head, it helps me look at it more objectively and prioritize (and usually end up eliminating things that really aren't worth it.)

    Also, schedule yourself some YOU time to do whatever it is that helps keep you centered. Even if it's just 20 minutes in the middle of a crazy day, do something for you. (Polish changes in the massage chair at my nail salon are my fave cheap de-stressor!)

  3. Just talking with my BFF about this -- we KNOW that there is good stuff down the line and we don't want to wish away these days, but right now is just stagnant and almost boring and we're excited to turn that corner and start new things. It's the WAITING for that new thing, for me, that is a stressor right now. And how to not feel so ungrateful for health and happiness and all the basics.... blah, bigger issues here obviously :)

  4. We are moving in December and that is all I can think about. Forget the rest of football season, or our trip to Asheville or my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving; I've mentally skipped ahead 60 days and are freaking out because we have no where to live. So please send all nuggets of wisdom that you get from this post to me! Til then I'll be blowing up homes.com haha!!!

  5. Sometimes I have to remind Mark to please be present bc he's constantly on his phone... Not exactly helpful but you aren't alone.