Weekend Recap

On Friday, as I was driving home from my last meeting for the week I caught a Baskin Robbins in my rear view window and literally pulled the most extreme U-turn possible. I'm not normally one who is tempted by drive thru's or fast food, so I sort of surprised myself as I pulled in. There was literally no stopping me. I ate my scoop of butter pecan alone in the car, felt somewhat insane - but holy cow did it hit the spot.

That night we met up with my cousins for dinner at our favorite spot, Picca. They make insanely delish drinks and the bartender David was even a Chicago boy, so we were warmly received. 


After dinner - the five of us came back to our house and played Trivial Pursuit Party and watched youtube videos until we polished off too many bottles of wine.

I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Saturday morning was the Tennessee v. Georgia game, and since the games start at 9am out here, we decided to make a celebratory breakfast for it.

We never did crack into that champagne, especially since the Vols lost, but I did get to enjoy my first pumpkin coffee of the season which did not dissappoint.


I snuck out for a happy hour with my girl Shelby after the game, was home by 5:30 and then , and then Joel and I had a low key night at home.

Sunday morning we were up early for another training run. Joel has been such a great running buddy for me. He's pushed me out the door for countless runs, and for long ones he will come run with me. I'm not sure I could get my butt (and keep my butt) out there for 9 miles if it weren't for him. 

We powered through and then pretty much hung out on the couch all day Sunday. The weather was absolutely glorious and actually cool enough to wear sweaters and light candles - so our Sunday was pretty lovely.

Next week is the last slow/unplanned week we have before our crazy October arrives so I'm trying to soak in these nice fall days as much as I can. Here's to another week!
~Great Chalkboard~


  1. Such a cute picture of you and Joel! Looks like yall had a great weekend, congrats on your long run!

  2. Way to go on the run! I too was watching the UGA vs Tenn game (pulling for UGA of course!) and I just about had a heart attack in the last quarter!! If you won't mind me asking...what is the green drink in the middle from dinner? Looks interesting haha!

  3. Good grief! NINE miles?!! You go girl!

  4. yummm that ice cream looks good! i love your sweater jacket too :) xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a May Designs giveaway on cornflake dreams

  5. Seriously, way to go on the mileage!