Friday Thoughts

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Navy blue is my favorite color - for everything, but I have such a hard time wearing navy pants with blue jeans. Without a belt, I feel like solid navy just does not go. I was determined to wear my new navy blouse last night, so I did it, but it irked me. Is it that my jeans are too dark? Does anyone have this gripe?
I love the dark blue denim, But that shirt is to die for however I would definitely pair this with lower jeans and a pair of low heel brown boots and some accessories Kate donned blue J Brand skinny jeans and a £48 ME+EM striped Breton-style top with a £79.99 navy Zara jacket. 11 April 2014 #wkwhrmmm outfit is awesome - but so is the haircut...so much inspiration!

 File:ITunes Radio Logo.svg
This might not be new, but I just discovered the wonder that is iTunes radio. I've always listened to Pandora, but over the stations play the same songs all the time. My sister Nellie turned me on to iTunes radio, and I've been loving it. It's more like Sirus radio, and I love that you can listen to all the Top 50 songs. Plus, I think you can skip songs without a limit.  (Trumpets by Jason DeRulo, umm? SO good)

 I normally phase out drinking white wine during the Fall and Winter, so I'm using up the rest of my bottles. This summer I really started to enjoy Chardonnays. I've found that I like them oaked, buttery, and as cold as can possibly be. The top three are my favorites of the summer.

Our current breakfast bar situation
 Joel and I are hosting Thanksgiving (my whole family is coming to LA!!) which is giving me a great excuse to do some updating. We need new bar stools, a few more pieces of our china, serving dishes, and a few couch throw pillows, this list is long.. Our current breakfast bar only has space for 2 new stools. If we move in the next year, I want to be able to buy a third if our new place has additional space - or is it ok to mix styles? And I think we want a back to the chair. Thoughts??
Intentionally aged Provence style Kitchen - French chateau in Houston, Texas :: completed in 1933 for J. Robert Neal, who made his fortune in Maxwell House coffee. LOVE this peninsula with the bookshelf, and the glass door cabinets and subway tile. Also really like the look of the fridge encasement. Great wall color too. jb   Bower Power- Ashleys kitchen 
kitchens - white silk tufted dining chairs gray linen oval back chic counter stools bredakfast bar built-in wine rack glass-front hutch white shaker kitchen cabinets granite counter tops white carrara marble subway tiles backsplashJessie Epley Short Home Tour // kitchen // subway tile dark grout // farmhouse sink // gooseneck faucet // gold pendant lighting

 I'm leaning toward the wicker...

 We have another no-plans weekend on deck, which is blowing my mind. Remind me of these nice, relaxing weekends when I start complaining that things are getting too hectic come October, will ya?
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  1. An all white kitchen and wicker chairs would be amazing! I wear navy and dark jeans all the time, but I know what you mean with it being just too much darkness. Maybe wear a colorful necklace to break up all the dark? Have a great weekend!

  2. Enjoy your weekend! Cheers! I love navy too. I just scored a pair of perfect navy flats from Boden!

  3. I feel the same way about navy with dark jeans! I agree with Ally- maybe a colorful necklace is key. I love the idea of wicker with the white too! Enjoy your plans free weekend!

  4. Oh I've always hated blue shirts with blue jeans too. Yes, it has to be the perfect type of blues in order to work.

  5. I like the wicker too....I think I want to update mine now too lol

  6. Navy and blue is so hard! I just can't figure it out for the life of me. One of life's great mysteries.

  7. I don't mind navy on navy, probably because I love the color and think of it as a neutral. I try and wear gold/tan shoes or jewelry when I do that though. Plus the blouse I more often than not do it with has tan polka dots. haha