Friday Five

The price I pay for all of that fun I had in Chicago? A cold.
It was still worth it, but every time I go to Chicago, the only souvenir I bring back is a damn cold. I think my body is very used to my schedule; working out, eating somewhat well, going to sleep early, etc...that 6 days of the opposite sends me into a tailspin.

Hello September. http://momitforward.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/fall-wine-bottles.jpg
I am happy to see the summer months behind us. For some reason, I just wasn't into summer this year. Who knows why, but I for one cannot wait to embrace all things fall! It's still hot here, and will be for most of September, but football is back and it will soon be socially acceptable to start breaking out the fall decorations!

'The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.' - Robert Holden #Gratitude
Personally, there is a lot going on in my life behind the scenes. Some good, some bad, and everything in between. Whenever things start to feel way out of my control, I try to find ways to center my thoughts. My anxiety can get the best of me, so I really have to practice positive thinking. Right now I'm in the middle of The Magic, and it's been a really helpful way to focus on all of the good things and keep my energy positive. 

Joel and I are going to New York in October, and we will only be there for a few nights so I'm collecting restaurant reccomendations. My girl Mallory has been a huge help (Joel's front runner's are Spice Market and The Spotted Pig) but I thought I'd see if you all had any favorites in the city? One night will be just Joel and I and then other night we are looking for something a little more casual to go to with his brother and sister-in-law. Throw your recs my way!!

basic contour tutorial from our #nyxfaceawards sponsor @lulusdotcom
 I am about the oppisote of a make-up pro, but my sister Nellie did my makeup for me on Saturday night for the wedding, and she preached the wonders of a highlighter brush.  I don't like to wear a lot of product on my face besides a light highlighter, but this bad boy was amazing. I tried to find it at CVS with no such luck, so I'm hunting down Target next week to add it to my collection. 

She also said I'm in need of new brushes, liquid eyeliner pen, and better eyeshadow. 
I figure if my hot soroity-going, 21 year old sister says it's a must, it's probably a must.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Spice Market and The Spotted Pig are amazing! Laconda Verde is great for brunch.

  2. I love the Mermaid Inn for oysters and small bites--soooo good.

  3. Sorry to hear you have a cold love, always happens to me when I am on the go and nonstop moving. I am also so happy fall is here, I have yet to get my first PSL but thinking it will be soon! Good luck and warm thoughts on whatever you may be going through, keep your head up and stay strong! Hope yall have a great weekend!

  4. Not sure where you are planning on being in the city but I've started a NYC travel guide and posted TriBeCa yesterday on my blog. Some of my favorite restaurants in the city are there

  5. Since I've already given you restaurant recs, I will switch to makeup:

    - Stila has a PERFECT liquid liner
    - just recently got a sample size of Benefit They're Real gel liner - weird, but also pretty great.
    - for a pencil, Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes - it's a gel so slides on easily but does not budget.

    Eyeshadow continues to be Makeups' Great Mystery to me. Le sigh.

  6. Me and two of my girlfriends (in Chicago) have colds as well right now! It's definitely going around. I'm a pretty new reader- I've been enjoying your posts!

  7. omg, you have to go to rosette on the lower east side... we discovered it like 2 months before we moved and it easily made my top 10 restaurants of all time in nyc! also abc kitchen and abc cocina are both amazing, and the brunch at dovetail is out of this world.

    so jealous!!

  8. Try The Left Bank in West Village.They have the best Shrimp Dumplings :)We travel there at least once a year so I am all about NYC! And you must go to Juniors for cheesecake. It's the best ever!

  9. Love that highlighting/contouring chart. Definitely going to be trying that out tomorrow.

  10. ABC Kitchen is one of my favorite NYC restaurants. It's farm to table and the food and atmosphere is so good. It's been about 2 yrs since I went but I've heard it's still as good. I need a makeup tutorial, I'm so basic with makeup! I'm so happy fall is here!! I'm ready for cooler weather.

  11. I love Babbo and its black spaghetti. YUM.

  12. I'm only weeks behind reading this post... but if the super-hot sister says you need highlighter, I need it to. Luckily I'm headed to Target this morning. :)