Weekend Recap

Joel and I went out with friends on Thursday night, so we were excited to stay home on Friday and keep it chill. By Fridays, I'm pretty over cooking dinner, so I stopped at Trader Joes, picked up some cheese, nuts, and charcuterie, and we noshed France style.

My family in Chicago was celebrating my Grandmother/Kuka's 85 birthday. Kuka is probably the coolest 85 year old woman in the entire world. Her one birthday present request? That everyone come watch her tap show next weekend - to which she told me some of the songs they're dancing include Pharrell and Beyonce.

Either way...everyone was going through pictures and found one of Kuka on her honeymoon and all agreed it looked just like me!

Both of us on our honeymoons :)
I've never been so flattered.

Saturday morning was my first big run on our half marathon training schedule. 


I was super nervous before I left, but besides mile 3 and 4, which were almost entirely uphill, I actually had a fun, enjoyable run. I enjoy my runs so much more if I stop to take a thirty second breather every few miles, and it really doesn't impact my pace, so I'm making sure to incorporate that over the next few big runs.

The downside to these runs? They take a lot out of me!! When I got home, my legs hurt and I was exhausted! I hung out on the couch until lunch time and then decided to take a nap. It helped a lot, but I'm not sure I can count on a nap every time....

I did make it out to Santa Monica Fish Market with Joel so that we could pick up some yummy dinners for the weekend. Saturday night Joel made Ahi Poke and lump crab cakes...both were out of this freaking world. 


Sunday was super low key, except for an afternoon outing to Crate and Barrel and Potterybarn. I told you on Friday that we were hunting for new stools, and I was all but convinced we were going to go with a seagrass stool with a back. Well, Potterybarn was having 20% off furniture sale, and these leather, backless stools stole our hearts. 

Decker Leather Seat Barstool

They are super comfortable (I love the foot rest), rustic yet modern, and just the perfect look for our house. It will take a week or two for them to ship, but I'm anxious to see how they look in our house.

Our blood sugar dropped a little too low while we were shopping (doesn't that always happen?) so we made an emergency stop for Chiptole, had a few beers while watching football, and made an Ahi Tuna Salad for dinner to cap off the weekend.

This week my cousin Ryan is coming into town, and we are celebrating a ton of LA birthdays, so it's due to be a very fun week!!

My thoughts exactly!


  1. I love those marble cheese plates! I have been on the hunt for some and found them at Crate and Barrel. Where did you get yours??? Looks like such a fun weekend and I'm so proud of you for knocking out 8 miles! I wish I could do that!

  2. Those stools are GORGEOUS!!! We're on the (not too urgent... $$$) hunt for a bench to use at our dining table and found a leather-topped one that we loooove.

  3. You are gorgeous, just like Kuka!!

    Those stools are GORGEOUS. Nice find!!

  4. That tuna looks fab! So does the cheese plate for the record. I dig the stools!

  5. Mmmm your Friday night dinner is perfection! Love the pictures of you and your grandma.. I wish I could come to the tap show, too!! Haha happy Monday!

  6. Great job on the run! Anytime I run over 6 miles I'm pretty blah the rest of the day. That's why I save my coffee for afterwards. ;)