Bump Dates: Week 5-12

Okay, so here's the deal. The Monday after we found out we were with bambino, I started keeping a weekly journal. I write these on Mondays to reflect about happenings within the past seven days. I know that sharing all of these (weeks 5-12) may not appeal to everyone, but I am doing so for two main reasons -- first, to document these last very exciting weeks for my own memory, and second, when I was newly pregnant, other bloggers recaps were my favorite thing to read. They gave me such reassurance, and it was nice to feel like I could relate with people before I felt comfortable sharing the news. So, without further ado!

The Monday after I found out I was in fact, pregnant (!!), I decided to follow suit with...every other pregnant (!!) blogger...and keep a weekly journal. With most of my family and friends living in Chicago, this will be a really nice way for them to know all the dirty details!

Week 5

How Far Along? 5 weeks. My general practitioner who did my blood work and answered our first round of questions said that our due date is October 15th, 2015. 10/15/15 (and 5 is my favorite number)

Gender: I honestly can't even comprehend that there is something, let alone a boy or a girl.

Weight Gain: When I took the test last Thursday, I popped on the scale to get a baseline, so as of right now zero.

Maternity Clothes: No, but when I was in Santa Barbara with my mom, we picked up a few tops that have a little extra room in the middle. Tight shirts just feel very uncomfortable.

Nursery: Is still a guestroom. We are in a 2 bedroom, so it's going to have to do dual purposes. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it work, but we will.
Movement: No

Symptoms: I've had light cramping for about 10 days and counting. The cramps totally threw me because I thought for sure I was just getting my period. My boobs are sore, and I'm more tired that usual. Even before I knew I was pregnant, I'd catch myself laying on the bed in the middle of the day for 10 minutes because I just couldn't stand anymore. I'm thirsty, a lot, and pee, a lot, and really only want to eat carbs.

Sleep: I can't get enough.

Joel: He's been so, so, so good. When I first told him, his fear and anxiety that I'm sure were there, never came out. He's been cute and funny and excited.

Workouts: 6 =2 classes, 1 spin, 2 gym workouts, and 1 hike. I think having a gym during pregnancy will be great, because even if I don't want to do much, I'll still be able to take a class, walk on the treadmill, or swim. And....they have childcare after 3 months which might be clutch...

Cravings: I don't know if it's "cravings" but bread, crackers, and white stuff sounds the most appetizing.
What I Miss:  I was really nervous that giving up wine, especially wih my whole family in town, was going to be just torture, but it actually wasn't. I did order Beck's NA beer, and that seriously hit the spot!

Best Moment This Week: I'll be honest, excitement and pure joy hasn't been my number one emotion when I let myself think about what's happening because it's still very new, very scary, and very surreal. It's obviously so overwhelming, so I'm just trying to take it day by day...

Looking Forward To: My bloodwork should come back tomorrow so I'm looking forward to hearing that all looks perfect, I'm looking forward to finding a true Ob/Gyn, I'm looking forward to sharing the news with everyone (only my mom knows), and I'm looking forward to actually having a bump.

Week 6

How Far Along? 6 weeks. My general practitioner who did my blood work and answered our first round of questions said that our due date is October 15th, 2015. 10/15/15 (and 5 is my favorite number)

Gender: I honestly can't even comprehend that there is something, let alone a boy or a girl.

Weight Gain: -1

Maternity Clothes: No

Nursery: Is still a guestroom. We are in a 2 bedroom, so it's going to have to do dual purposes. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it work, but we will.
Movement: No

Symptoms: Still some cramping and boob soreness. I'm always ready for bed and I've been sleeping really well. Last night I had my first crazy dream and was actually moving in my dream (trying to hide from a bird that was attacking me) so much that I woke Joel up.

Sleep: I can't get enough.

Joel: He's doing really well. He would love to talk in great detail about it, but I'm still so hesitant that I just can't let myself go there until next Monday when we have our first ultrasound.

Workouts: 4 = 1 spin class and 3, 45 minute treadmill/machine sessions. With all of the eating and splurging I am doing, I'm not going to be able to give up my workouts.

Cravings: I don't think it's cravings but I'm giving myself a lot of allowances. I normally would never order french toast for breakfast or get candy at a movie but I'm just not saying no to myself just yet.
What I Miss: We spent the entire weekend in a wine-focused town and I watched Joel taste and drink wine literally all day long. I did good except for at 5 on Saturday we were sitting at a bar, Joel was drinking a beer and I was drinking bad tap water and I told him to chug it so we could high tail it out. If I'm drinking tea or a mocktail, I really don't miss it wine as much as I would have thought.

Best Moment This Week: We had such a great weekend away. I love hotel living....it was just so relaxing and fun. I also found out that I have a friend due with her first baby on September 15th. I wanted so bad to share that I was in the same boat, but I kept my mouth shut. It will be really nice to have someone to do this with.

Looking Forward To: Next Monday is our ultrasound and I'm so looking forward to it and nervous . I'm keeping my thoughts very positive and trying to just lay low until the appointment.

Week 7

How Far Along? Technically, 7 weeks and three days. Went to the Ob/Gyn today and my due date is still officially October 15th, 2015.

Gender: I'm not even entertaining guesses at this point...but I have reasons for wanting both so I will be excited either way

Weight Gain: +.5. When I was weighed at the doctor after two meals and clothes and boots......that sucked.

Maternity Clothes: No but I do try to find an excuse to wear leggings

Nursery: Not even going to think about it until after we get through the first trimester
Movement: No

Symptoms: Still a little crampy but my doctor isn't concerned and they are starting to subside. Other than breast tenderness, it was a good week in this department.

Sleep: Tired for sure, and I can sleep really well at night. I bought a humidifier because I was was so stuffy and it's really helping.

Joel: Totally my rock.We were talking after our appointment today and he said, "yea, I'm terrified too, but that's not going to end, even after the pregnancy is over, so we may as well enjoy this", and he is right.

Workouts: Five = 1 bootcamp class, 2 spin classes, 2 treadmill/stair climber sessions. My doctor is in the same boat as I am about being active as much as possible.

Cravings: Still giving myself a lot of allowances...and a lot of carbs. I tell myself I'll check this soon....

What I Miss: Weirdly, turkey sandwiches. Otherwise, I'm doing good. We went out to dinner with friends on Saturday night before we saw Wicked and I was anxious about getting through the dinner without drinking for the entire week. I knew for sure my friend would bust me. But, we went to the restaurant early and told the waiter to just bring me an NA beer in a glass and it worked like a charm!

Best Moment This Week: We heard the heartbeat today (160 bpm) and saw the peanut on the ultrasound. It was incredibly reassuring and the doctor used the word perfect which was music to my ears. It was a big, big relief. And I didn't pass out during the 10 vials of blood they took, so that was a solid moment too.

Looking Forward To: Next week I go to Chicago and get to tell my dad and sister Hannah in person. I wish I could tell Nellie in person, but I'm planning on face-timing her to tell her the good news. After my trip to Chicago, I will tell my LA friends and Joel's family who comes to visit on March 20th.

Week 8
How Far Along? Technically, 8 weeks and four days. My weeks flip on Thursdays (so this week, I'll be 9 weeks), but I'm keeping this blogging schedule. Due date is  October 15th, 2015.

Gender: No guesses, no feelings....I'd be really excited for either so I'm sort of relieved to not feel pressure either way

Weight Gain: I'm up a half a pound from the day we found out. I'd like to emerge from the first trimester with as little damage in this department as possible. 

Maternity Clothes: No but I hate all of my clothes.

Nursery: The one thing we know we are investing in is this Ikea daybed sometime in April. Our friends have it and it's the perfect solution to a nursery/guestroom combo. I plan to switch out the hardware too.

Create a welcoming bedroom away from home for guests with the HEMNES daybed. It can pull out from twin size to sleep two and has storage for extra linens and clothing.
Movement: No

Symptoms:  So, I feel like because I have no morning sickness/nauseous that this pregnancy feels less real. It actually worried me a little this week that I feel almost totally normal, but I'm trying very, very hard not to over think things during this process so I'm sticking with the facts and keeping my anxious thoughts to the curb.

I have noticed that I feel much better (physically and emotionally) on the days that I get a true sweat session. Even if I don't power out to the max, just moving for 45 minutes makes a huge difference.

Sleep: I'm pretty zonked by mid-afternoon and very ready for bed at 9pm. I'm falling asleep quickly and easily which is nice. I did have to start limiting my fluid intake after 7:30 though because I was literally getting up hourly to use the bathroom.

Joel: Besides sometimes my target for anything that is going wrong that day, he really has maintained calm, cool, collected and excited. I'm still in shock

Workouts: Five...1 spin class and 4 gym sessions.

Cravings: Smoothies and Avocado Toast sound good for every meal. We had a burger and fries on Saturday night and it was so damn good but I stuffed myself so full I felt sick for a day from it.

What I Miss: Honestly not too much...the thought and romance of drinking (cold white wine on the patio, or snuggling up with a glass of red wine and a blanket....) makes me miss it more than anything else. And people posting instagram pictures of their cocktails.

Random Things: It's crazy seeing people post announcements on Facebook and Instagram that are the same month as mine. I think "announcing" will make it very, very real. 

Best Moment This Week: Baby related - we went to our neighborhood library because they were having a book sale and bought a bunch of hard cover baby books. I couldn't believe that we were actually doing it, but it was fun...it was low key...and it was a nice moment for us to share together. We got some really cute books, Joel most excited about a sushi book, and I was most excited about a teaching the baby sign language book. When we checked out, the lady said to us, "ohhh you two must have a bunch of little ones at home...", and we just smiled and nodded.

Looking Forward To: I go home tomorrow and I get to tell my Dad and my sisters. I have so much nervous, excited energy, I'm sure I'll just spit it out and totally forgo the whole speech I have planned out in my head. This upcoming week, I'm going to share the news with my friends in Chicago that I have the chance to see in person, and then in the next few weeks, the cats comin' out of the bag.

I found these boxes at Target and had copies made of the ultrasound - so this is how I'll be making the grand announcement to my family.

Week 9

How Far Along? 9w4d, Due 10/15/15

Gender: No clue

Weight Gain: I may avoid the scale this week after my trip to Chicago. Eeek!

Maternity Clothes: Nope

Nursery: Same as above
Movement: No

Symptoms: First night I was in Chicago I caught a cold. Planes get me every time! It's awful! I've been stuffy, sore throat and extra extra tired. Plus, not being able to take DayQuil and NyQuil has really sucked. I've needed to take a nap like 3-4 times this last week.

I 1,000% need to sleep with a humidifier wherever I am. I felt so bad, I stole one from my cousin Amanda's bedroom and forced my mom to buy a new one. I am just incredibly dry and congested at night.

Sleep: Not sleeping in my own bed was kind of tough, but I made it! And overall, I just feel like I need a lot of sleep. I go up to bed early and by 3 or 4pm I want to go back to bed for the night.

Joel: I was in Chicago all week and really missed him. I think he missed seeing my families reactions more than he expected he would, so I felt really bad about doing that without him. I'm excited to tell his family this weekend with him so he can share the pure joy that I was able to witness.

Workouts: I got one bootcamp class in last Monday, and my mom and I took two walks in Chicago but overall a very bad week in this department and I can feel it!

Cravings: Smoothies for sure....and cold oranges, otherwise indulgent foods sound better to me than indulging in desserts. 

What I Miss: Champagne on my flight to Chicago.....Not as much fun to fly 100% sober.

Random Things: We had our first ultrasound on my late Aunt Peggy's birthday, March 2nd, and then on the 3rd anniversary of her death, March 10th, I told my dad and sisters. It's a pretty special coincidence because Aunt Peggy has refused to make March 10th a sad day. 3 years ago, my cousin had their baby girl Aubree....and then last year another cousin had her baby girl Ella....and this year, I got to share the news. It's not lost on me that Aunt Peggy makes her presence known and it was just a really special gift she gave me.

Best Moment This Week: SO SO SO MANY.

Telling my Dad and sisters was beyond words. My mom was in on the secret (which my dad was not excited to be left out of!), but surprising them with this was just...I actually don't have words. Right when I landed my mom picked me up and we met Hannah and my dad at a restaurant for dinner. I sat down at the bar, ordered a glass of wine (I had to keep them off my trail), and then minutes later pulled out the ultrasound "gifts" for them. Hannah was confused first but when my Dad said, "You're kidding me, you're pregnant"!?!? everyone just freaked. They were so, so, so excited, so happy for me, and all that it means to bring a new baby into a family. My dad kept saying what a gift Joel and I have given to them...it was a night I'll never forget.

We went home and FaceTimed Nellie and her reaction was just adorable. She kept covering her eyes...she was shocked and over the top happy....it was perfect.

I was able to tell some girlfriends and my Grandma and a few of my cousins, and sharing in their joy has made this experience that much more real, special, and amazing for me.

And baby got his or her's first pair of shoes from their Aunt Amanda and Aunt Sara! 

Looking Forward To: We tell Joel's family this weekend and a few close California friends as well. I'm so excited for everyone's reactions! And March 31st, two weeks from today, is our 12 week (11w4d technically) ultrasound and I'm anxious and excited for the confirmation that we have all successfully and healthfully moved on to the second trimester.

Week 10

How Far Along? 10w4d, Due 10/15/15

Gender: No clue

Weight Gain: Somehow I was down half a pound after Chicago, so -.5 from starting weight...that's going to change soon.

Maternity Clothes: Nope but my Joe's Jeans that have a lot of stretch are my go-to.

Nursery: Same as above
Movement: No

Symptoms: Exhaustion hits every afternoon and it hits hard. I try to tough it out, but a one hour nap helps...a lot. 

I've also been dealing with a lot of anxiety. Anxiety waiting for test results, anxiety of the unknown, anxiety of the what-ifs. It's been the worst symptom of all. I'm prone to anxiety, and not taking any medications now that I am pregnant, and it's been hard. I've reached out to a few select people that have really helped offer support and tips and tricks, so I'm working with the tools I have and trying to learn to not let the anxiety consume me.

Sleep: Can't get enough.

Joel: Poor guy is my target when I'm in an anxious state. He is my pillar of strength and his calm and cool way is my saving grace. Our child will be very lucky to have him as a Dad.

Workouts: 4 - 1 spin, 3 gym sessions. I'm almost thinking about trying to up this and get to the gym everyday. My workouts are really light....sometimes just walking on an incline for 45 minutes....but I leave feeling so much better - mentally and physically.

Cravings: Smoothies everyday and lime flavored tortilla chips.

What I Miss: Can I say xanax?

Random Things: Nothing noteworthy.

Best Moment This Week: Telling Joel's family was awesome. Joel brought his mom a bottle of wine right when we got to San Diego and she gave us a very loud pitched squeal. It was pretty adorable and fun. His family was less shocked than my family, but so, so excited...and it was really cool to share the news with my sister-in-law Corie who just went through her first pregnancy the same time last year. It will be so fun to have a cousin for the bambino just a drive away.

I also got to tell my cousin Erin in a pretty fun way. She always takes my old magazines so I stuck in a pregnancy magazine and then took it away and said that I should probably be keeping that handy. She was really surprised and happy for us. I know having her here during this time is going to be so, so good for me. 

Looking Forward To: Getting good test results back next week and our first trimester appointment on Monday. After those two appointments we will be a little more "out of the woods" and will share the news with the rest of our friends and family!

Week 11

How Far Along? 11w, 5d (writing this on a Tuesday), due October 15, 2015.

Gender: Here's a curve ball. We know. We're not sharing until we confirm between weeks 18-20 (before June). 

Weight Gain: +2 from Doc

Maternity Clothes: Nope but my Joe's Jeans that have a lot of stretch are my go-to.

Nursery: Same as above
Movement: No

Symptoms: Still tired right around 3:30. Anxiety is a little better this week but still a daily struggle.

Sleep: I've had a few nights where I toss and turn for hours and I will really pay for that the next day, but a good day is asleep at 10 and up at 7.

Joel: He's killin' it. He does great at the doctor, and it's not lost on me that he gave up his entire afternoon from work to go to the ultrasound, doctor, and blood-work lab with me....although I remind him it's not really a choice....he doesn't complain which I really appreciate. Sharing the gender secret with just him is pretty fun too.

Workouts: 4 - 1 spin, 2 gym sessions, 1 easy hike.
Cravings: Smoothies, avocado toast, chocolate, bagels.....everything except for dinner sounds amazing.

What I Miss: Deli turkey

Random Things: Nothing noteworthy.

Best Moment This Week: The ultrasound. Within the first few minutes, everything checked out beautifully. Strong heartbeat (170bpm), all the developing parts, and low risk results! So beyond thankful for that. From there, she let us "play" a little bit. We got to watch the baby bounce around which was just insane. If the doctor pressed hard on my stomach the baby would bounce up and down ....it was such a trip. We have a DVD of the whole thing which is pretty hilarious and cool. 

Looking Forward To: Getting good test results this week!

Week 12

How Far Along? 12w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: Keeping mum until it's confirmed mid-May

Weight Gain: +3

Maternity Clothes: I had a freak out moment when I couldn't find any clothes that were cute and/or comfortable, so on Saturday morning I went a little crazy online shopping. I'm excited to try out the goodies that I ordered.

Nursery: Same as above
Movement: No

Symptoms: Feeling good this past week.

Sleep: It's been taking me longer to fall asleep...like hours longer...but once I'm asleep, I'm good.

Joel: He was really excited to put it on social media, and we were just tickled with every comment, like, text, and email....that was a really fun day!

Workouts: 3, 1 spin class and 2 easy gym sessions. Need to hit the sweet spot of a minimum of 4 workouts.
Cravings: Smoothies, bagels, and orange juice.

What I Miss: This week was good.

Random Things: Pretty wild to think that next Easter we will have a baby with us.

Best Moment This Week: By far getting good, low risk test results back and just feeling thankful and grateful for a healthy, developing baby. Making the news official on social media was a really really fun (and a little scary) too.

Looking Forward To: A normal week. No doctors appointment for three weeks, so we're packing the weeks full of family time, a business trip to Palm Springs, a clippers game, and celebrating April birthdays! It should be a good month!


If you read all of those details - WOW! I was a wordy one, but I'm already so glad to have all of that in one place - reading it back last night was so fun.

I can't believe we're current and up to date....holy cow.....here we go!


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    Ally - Life as I know it

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    Congratulations. Such an exciting time!

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    When your dad told you what a gift you and Joel are giving them, a tear rolled down my face. That is the sweetest!!!

    I think you'll feel a lot more comfortable after the 18-20 week anatomy ultrasound where they go through the entire baby body and check everything. They eliminate SO many things that could be wrong at that appointment and it was just the most reassuring thing. Even now, being after your first trimester - girl, you're smooth sailing!!! Looking back, I was so paranoid too, I honestly think that's normal. Try to trust your body. Isn't it amazing what we were made to do? Crazy!

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    I love how you told your family - so sweet! I thought about doing something like that if it comes to telling people around a time like Christmas so it could be a gift. ;)

    Kind of funny, but one of my first thoughts of you when you announced you were pregnant was how much you're going to miss wine. lol I know every one has their own opinion, but a friend of mine drank some red wine every now and then throughout her pregnancy and her son was healthy as can be. Course that's your own choice.

    And I just KNOW I'm going to be a nervous wreck until that 18ish week appt.

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