Bumpdate: Week 13

Week 13

How Far Along? 13w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: We're keeping quiet until it's confirmed - but I had a dream about the name and baby, which was pretty crazy.

Weight Gain:
I lost a few pounds last week so I'm up +.5 from starting.

Maternity Clothes:
Of the stuff I bought last week, I'm keeping zero. The hunt continues.

Nursery: Same as above....I think for the next few weeks we're going to try and make some house updates before we tackle that room. My game plan is to start that nursery project beginning in June.

Symptoms: Exhaustion was strong this week. I think it's because I'm just not sleeping great at night. I toss and turn and can't stay comfortable. I also feel like I have a lot of low pressure when I'm laying down which is uncomfortable and keeps me tossing and turning. I ordered a bumpnest pillow so we will see if that helps at all. 

After dinner if I'm wearing jeans....they need to be unbuttoned. Also, very likely unrelated but my patience is close to non-existent.

Need more and more of it, the afternoon is a serious struggle.
Joel: His favorite line this week has been, "well, you're growing a human". If I'm tired, hungry, happy, sad...."well, you're growing a human".

Workouts: 4, 1 bootcamp, 1 spin class and two gym sessions. And, although it doesn't seem to be motivating enough for me to change it, the days I don't workout are the days I feel the worse.

Cravings: bagels for sure, cranberry/La Croix mocktails, chips and salsa, and sushi...and did I mention bagels?

What I Miss: I'm trying to not focus on the stuff I can't have, because then I just miss it more! 

Random Things: Nothing wild this week.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing my cousins and her kids from Chicago and starting to plan the holidays already which is a trip because this Christmas, we will have a baby with us. Our baby.

Looking Forward To: My cousin is in town all week, so we have a lot of fun things on the calendar. Sunday, I'm going to have a little spa day with my girlfriend and will be indulging in my first pre-natal massage. And, I'm very ready for May 3rd which is our next doctors appointment.


  1. Loved bagels with all three (but love them anyway!). I ended up needing 5 pillows to be comfortable. I liked numerous pillows verses the big pregnancy pillow because they are easier to move in the middle of the night. And be proud if you didn't have to unbutton your pants at night until 13 weeks!

  2. I just started on a bagel with cream cheese kick. In fact I ate two for dinner last night! I've been so tired lately, I swear it's gotten worse but then again I feel that way every week. Even after 9-10 Hours of sleep I'm tired in the afternoon. I'm sure my heavy carb lunch is to thank for that! Its so fun reading your bumpdates since we're in the same week!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  3. I love that he says, "well, you're growing a human..."--too cute!

  4. Love this bump update!!! Can't wait to hear the gender. I used the growing a human excuse for everything haha. I would be like what have you done today, I'm growing a human! I lived on carbs during both my pregnancies, so many bagels.

  5. Bagels saved me in my first trimester! They were one of the few things that sounded good. Finding good maternity clothes can be so hard. I've really liked the clothes I've found at H&M.