Friday Five: Travel Edition

::: 1 :::
Number 1 Travel Rule
Always Carry-On.  In fact, I'm actually a little scared that this will have to go once a baby join us on our travels, but carrying on is my unbreakable rule. About four years ago I started traveling with this rule and it is just life changing for me. First of all, it helps make me a really smart packer. I did have to get over the fact that I would need to re-wear while on vacation, but once I settled with that, I truly saw the light. It is so much easier - for everyone! I did my honeymoon for two weeks in a carry-on, and Europe (my tips here) so now, every other trip seems like a breeze to only have a small bag.

 ::: 2 :::
Must-Have Item
Multiple Pashminas. No matter where I'm going, hot or cold, I always have scarves (and layers). My mom imparted this wisdom on me when she said she used her pashminas when she backpacked through Europe for everything from bath towels to pillows....and she is right.  There is nothing a good pashmina can't fix so I always wear one on the flight and have another in my suitcase. If it's hot, cold, sunny or smelly, these babies are life savers.

::: 3 ::: 
Airport Tip
Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check. I'm not a weekly traveler...probably on average monthly or every other month I'm flying somewhere, but still, I have found Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check to be a game changer. It's $100 dollars and you have to interview at the airport, but it has added hours to my life! The lines are always much shorter, security is a breeze, and if you fly internationally you don't have to go through customs on your way back into the US. Make your appointment - it's worth it.

Also, fly Virgin. It's just my all time, all time, all time favorite airline. Pay the difference - every time. It's worth it. And if you're delayed, pay the $40 bucks and check into their lounge.
::: 4 :::
Summer Plans 
We are packing a lot in before October when travel will have to take a solid 3 month hiatus. In May, I've got Palm Springs and an impromptu trip to Vancouver! June I'll be in Nashville for a shower, and then Joel and I will spend the Fourth of July in Chicago. I go back to Chicago in August for a baby shower and then we are going to celebrate a babymoon in Aspen. I love keep a lot of things on the books to look forward to!

::: 5 ::: 
Favorite Part
I love the anticipation of trips. I like getting organized, finding new outfits, getting my house in order for me to gone, packing my toiletry bags, everything. I just love the "Christmas-Eve" excitement that comes the before we go anywhere. Traveling, even if it's a road trip, is one of my absolute favorite things in life - always has been - and I feel uniquely lucky to have the opportunities and abilities to travel the world, stay in touch with friends and family as frequent as I'm able to, and make life long memories. There's just nothing like it. I'm really hoping, dog, baby....babies...that we always keep travel a big part of our lives...
This is going to be me this year. I promise myself that


  1. Love this post! And I can't wait to travel to see you! :)

  2. I love that last quote. So true! And I still need to email you Aspen recs. I promise I will, soon!

  3. You have flying down pat! I definitely try to carry-on as much as possible (thanks to inevitably missing flights, lost luggage and ridiculous fees!). So many good trips are in your future, too. Happy weekend!

  4. TSA pre-check/global entry has CHANGED MY LIFE. These are all such good tips! I have two airplane trips in the next 3 weekends, one to Mimai for a bridal shower and one to SC for my cousin's graduation, and I'm already calmer knowing that the lines will be shorter and breezier thanks to that $100!

  5. Great quote my friend, great quote!