Weekend Report

This weekend was equal parts busy, relaxing, and productive. We watched my cousin's pup Pudley all weekend while they were in New York, so Friday morning I took both dogs out for an early hike. I hadn't been hiking in almost a month so it felt great to be outside and on the trail....and I'm still sore.

Plus, it meant that we had two tired dogs (the best kind) for the entire weekend, especially since Joel had run them both the morning before as well.

You nay notice in the picture above, our carpet was ready to be swapped out. We had originally purchased a remnant piece from Home Depot that worked great for the last 3 years but it was starting to pull pretty badly and the edges were exposed so they were fraying badly. We had a new carpet made so Friday night we Joel rolled up the carpet and spent a solid bit cleaning the massive amounts of carpet residue that was left behind.

We rewarded ourselves with pizza and a bomb virgin Moscow Mule, along with the Bruce Jenner interview. Pretty solid combo if ya ask me.


Saturday was the busy part of the weekend. I snuck in a walk and starbucks date with a friend before we celebrated the first birthday for our friend's sweet son.

Joel and I snuck out around 4, ran a few errands and then drove down to Manhattan Beach for drinks and dinner with some friends. We ate at Fishing with Dynamite, which has been on our must-eat list for a year. They don't accept reservations, and we had six in our group, so the wait was every bit of two hours. Thankfully, we were with good company so after stops at a few bars in the area, we were finally seated for dinner. 


Dinner was fantastic, but by the time we finally got home close to midnight, I was exhausted. I woke up feeling hungover so I was thankful Sunday was pretty chill. Plus, Joel brought me Starbucks in bed, which just might be my favorite thing in life.

Plus, we managed to get the new carpet down, get a few loads of laundry done, and get dinner made....so even though we bummed around, we crossed off our Sunday to-do list.

I leave for Palm Springs tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to a great week of a fun work conference, hotel living, and some pool time.


  1. The new carpet looks great!!!

  2. Sounds like a good combination of relaxation and productivity! You will have such a great time in Palm Springs.

  3. Hah whoever Zibby is, her advice is on point! Yay for new carpet (that smell needs to be bottled and sold). Pizza and bruce is definitely solid. Holy moly interview!

  4. Love the new carpet and Joel wins major bonuses for the starbucks in bed!