Thursday's Random Thoughts

::: I have been in a ripe mood all week. It's been pretty gloomy all week and I haven't slept solidly since last week so by 2pm each day I turn into a lazy, irritated, headache filled, bitchtastic version of myself. :)
Dear Self: Don't Focus on the Negative

::: I've also been on jury duty which is another excuse I'm giving myself for being so grouchy. Every night this week I've had to check at 6pm to see if I need to report to court the following day. That means that I wasn't able to have any meetings set for this week, and everyday at home with nothing but my computer gives me horrible cabin fever - plus side - I haven't been called to report (yet).

:::Since January, I've been reading pregnancy books only and I was due for a little break in the action. I wanted a mindless beach read and Mary Kay Andrews always pulls through for me on that. I read Summer Rental in about a day and it's just an easy, light, cute book if you're looking for an something entertaining and fun.

::: I'm obsessed with 19 Kids and Counting. I stalk their hashtag, keep up with all of their corny YouTube clips, and watch their show all the time. I'm actually scared for the day that they cancel it. Although, these kids keep popping up with more story lines (Jessa's pregnant) so I don't see that happening any time soon.
Pregnant Duggars

::: I have a business trip in Palm Springs next week and I'm so excited for the little getaway. It's the perfect business trip because it's only two nights away and  only a two hour drive from home. . I'm looking forward to reading another Mary Kay Andrews book and just sitting out at the pool when my conference ends at 3 each day.
Wherever this is.

::: Are you a Today Show fan? Joel and I watch it everyday and then I watch the 9'oclock hour when I'm at the gym. Does anyone else pick up on majorly weird vibes between Natalie and Tamron? I'm pretty sure Natalie hates Tamron and is very fake nice with her. I find their dynamic super uncomfortable. Am I alone on this?

::: I'm on a TV show kick here (time to find a hobbbbby!), but what are we thinking about the Full House reboot? Do you think you'll watch? I loved Boy Meets World growing up, never missed an episode, and haven't seen one of Girl Meets World, so I'm thinking I probably won't watch Fuller House either, but who knows....

::: I had a family friend who lives out in LA offer a LOT of baby goods for Joel and I to just have. It was such a kind and generous offer, and it was so out of the blue, it just made my whole week. Not having my family and cousins here in LA, I really didn't anticipate many hand-me-downs like I would have had we been living in Chicago. We are likely going to take everything she offered and see how it all works, which means I might have a whole lot of baby stuff in my house a lot sooner than I bargained for! Just imagining touching a crib or a bumbo seat feels surreal, so I know when it's in our house it's going to be a crazy feeling.
appreciate good people.  they are hard to come by.

::: We've got another action packed weekend with a lot of fun things planned, and a lot of necessary to-do's, but I'm going to really try and kick up my good-mood attitude and really start putting a little more pep in my step. Life is good and we have so, so, so much to be thankful for.

want this framed


  1. I like that don't worry be happy! Hope your weekend is great and perks you up!

  2. I'll probably check out Fuller House and see what it's about.

    I also loved Boy Meets World so I am watching Girl Meets World. It's really cute!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend and get to feeling more like yourself!

  3. Oh yes, thank you for a new phrase..."I'm in a ripe mood"... bahaha amazing. YES to Boy Meets World and the original Full House (#tgif shows!). I don't think I can get on board with a new FH but never say never. Palm Springs will be fabulous!

  4. Where are you staying in Palm Springs?? My cousin is getting married out there next March and I can't wait to go for the first time!! I hope your mood get a bit better, but just remember, you're pregnant and these mood swings will come and go :)