Spring Goals

February and March aren't my favorite months of the year. It's this sort of in-between time with not much going on, so I'm extra excited with the freshness of Spring and the lead in to summer. 

 We've been in the same routine for the last two months, and I think a solid list of fun to-do's is exactly what I need to bring in a little fun around these parts.

I'm giving myself until June 1st to knock all of these out, so hold me to it!

::: Book a summer getaway
Because of our schedules, it looks like the only time to get away this year is going to be August. We had originally thought about going to London for Wimbledon, but that is going to have to hold off until next year so we want to pick a place in the U.S. neither of us have been to. Right now I'm leaning towards Jackson Hole, because ideally I'd like to make it a not cross country trip. Austin was a contender, but I think August in Texas might be just too hot. Any other places you think we should stick on our list? Maybe Aspen? 

::: Purge and Reorganize
 To begin cleaning out a messy closet take every single thing out of it. | 17 Invaluable Tips For Anyone With Too Many Clothes
I'm embarrassed to even walk into my closets right now. They are pitiful. They are not organized correctly and I have a lot of junk hanging on hangers that I never wear. I need to take everything out and start from scratch but it's a big project an dI find ways to get out of it every time I start. I keep telling myself "one of these weekends" but I really need to break up the job into sections and make some headway on it soon. 

::: Add some summer classics
  embroidered tunic + white denim scarf!
Well, I'll be making room soooooo.....I need new! I need light, summer-y clothes: white jeans, linen/cotton shirts, light cardigans, cotton dresses, pair of black sandals...

::: Update our bathrooms
guest bathroom bower power
Our bathrooms haven't been touched since we moved in 3.5 years ago and they're in need of some "elevation". A few minor updates will make a big impact, so I just need to get Joel on board and make some decisions of the route we want to go. 

::: Keep up with Church
Start each day with a grateful heart.
We've been doing a really good job about getting to church every weekend. Lent has been a fun time to get back to our schedule but I want to make sure we stay at going to church every weekend we are in town. 

::: Try 1 new class at the gym
sooooooo true
 No explanation needed. 

:::  Read at least 2 new books
I haven't been in the mood to read lately which is so unlike me, so I now I need to put it on the list to get back into the routine. I annoy myself going into my room to sit on instagram for an hour. Such a waste of time.

Can you believe it's April 1st!? I'm totally bringing out the white jeans on Easter!

Hello Spring


  1. I went to Sedona AZ and Moab UT with my mom back in 2010 in July. It was exquisite. One of the first things I'd do if I were to win the lottery would be buying a shitton of land in Utah. It's the most beautiful place I've ever been. I can send you details about where we were if you're interested! It's just gorgeous and relaxing.

  2. great goals! We actually reorganized and cleaned out our closet this past weekend and it was a great feeling.

  3. Sun Valley Idaho is great!! There is a direct flight from LAX. Very charming, lots of good restaurants, and fun activities (outdoor ice skating rink, hiking, biking).

  4. Aspen!! I will plan your entire trip for you. They have an incredible month long outdoor music festival. It's absolutely beautiful. My most wonderful childhood memories were spent picnicking in the park, listening to music there. It's unlike any place in the world. The BEST hikes. Time spent along the river. Delicious restaurants. And if you umm, wanted to airbnb a house, we would totally come along! I've been dying for Sean to experience it.

  5. I picked up some great white jeans at The Limited last week! They have the right amount of stretch and they are very thick so there is no risk of seeing skin on your rear end :) I also need to purge my closets! Since we moved in the middle of winter, I am scared to open the spring/summer box haha! We too are looking to make church a more regular thing!

  6. You're ambitious! I have heard that Jackson Hole is gorgeous but never been. Austin is a really good time but I'd go in April or October....August is too hot.

    Ohhh my white jeans are the best things ever. They're Lilly Pulitzer and I swear they have held up wonderfully.

  7. Jackson Hole great place I can recommend some great places to eat and things to do. Its just 4 hours from SLC airport you will want a car. Great access to the park too. Make reservations now it gets crazy there in the summer.

  8. Love Austin but it's too damn hot during summer. Dying to go to Jackson and would pick that over Aspen which I adore (my sister lives there), but not my fave. Park City is also magical in the summertime :)

  9. Portland and/or Seattle for sure. Also, I don't know if you would consider any Canadian destinations (you should, some of the best are way closer than US destinations you're considering), but Vancouver is the loveliest city in the world.