Weekend Recap

Friday after work, we took the dog and went to Pitfire pizza for dinner which is just a few blocks from our house...and we caught a pretty unreal sky on our walk back home.

The pizza was just ok, so we decided to add dessert to the order. Big mistake. The smothered cookie we had included a lot of ice cream, and my in-utero baby may be the only baby that hates ice cream. I felt so sick and was up all night with stomach ache, so that sucked.

We ran errands early in the morning since I was up, stopped to visit with some dear friends, and were home by 10am with a long list accomplished. Pretty much as soon as we got home I climbed right back into bed and took a solid three hour nap.

I rallied by the afternoon, made a bunch of food and had my cousin Ryan, her husband Kieth, and there two kids Gavin and Evie (and Erin and Danny!) over for a BBQ. It was so much fun to have everyone over and the kids absolutely loved telling Roscoe to sit and "paw" about 1,000 times which was pretty hilarious. We all had a great time but I totally failed on snapping any pictures.

Also on Saturday, Joel put up update number one for our house.

I had two old, and ugly, picture frames hanging above the sink(not straight), and it was one of those things that I looked at everyday, hating, and just let it sit there. I found this frame at World Market (side-note: new favorite) and already love the difference it makes. I need to change the stock photos but it's already 1,000% better than what was there.

Sunday after Church we went to Home Depot and dear God that store sucks. We stood in line to talk to someone about a custom cut carpet for about 90 minutes. I seriously lost my shit, but the rug *should* be ordered come tomorrow which will make me fee like my time was worth it. We also picked up window rods and window treatments, because all of our 1993 blinds are comin' down.

After that epic experience, I shoved lunch in my mouth and took a long nap. We watched Jordan don the Green jacket, had salad for dinner, and just got ready for a busy week ahead.

-is it? -looks can be deceiving. i thought all handsome men were nice. HA NOPE. -never think you've got something until it's in front of your face. -ugh hate this one. -oh do they. you can say what you want, but your actions speak the truth. -i dunno. -things are bad.. they can spiral out of control. -yes it does. thank god. -who hasn't been blinded by "love"


  1. You sound like me. Naps and food it's all I do these days. Love those new frames! I went to World Market this weekend too and feel in love with everything but came home with a bag of a Scones mix and a bottle of Blood Orange Soda. Ha!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with our Home Depot. I love it because it is convenient, hate it because it does not have as much as some of the larger stores. I got a little frustrated last week, when the salesmen tried to "tell me" that I did not need a Weber grill with a side burner. Well damnit if I didn't want a side burner, I wouldn't be telling you that! He tried for a solid ten minutes to tell me that I didn't "need one" and I had to get sassy and tell him that it was non-negotiable and he could stop.... we got the side burner grill :)

  3. Boo -hope you're not going to have full-on dairy issues. If so, I'll help with the good/crap recommendations for alternatives :) Your home updates sound fun and I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  4. I was at Home Depot on Sunday too! I hate that store & it's usually Sean's responsibility, but he was so busy that I took one for the team & braved it alone. I wish I ran in to you guys, that would have made the trip much more fun!