Five on Friday

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I was very tempted to just start stock piling.

 I've mentioned this, but Joel and I live in a two bedroom condo. We've spent the last few weeks looking at townhouses and condos with more space (ideally two floors and one extra bedroom) with  and we finally decided...no more looking...we're staying here for the next year. It's going to be tight but it just makes the most sense. So, with that decision, we've got a laundry list of the updates we want to make in order to make this house work for us, so starting this weekend we will be spending a lot more time at Home Depot.


This week I finally made Natalie's Korean Beef Bowls. I've been wanting to try them for months, and they did not disappoint. The best part about them for dinner is that they take about 7 minutes to make. It's rice and ground beef and that's about it.

I will say, I used a little too much sesame oil which ended up bothering my stomach, and I would recommend adding broccoli too, because it needs (for me) just a little more. Otherwise it was really good and such a unique option for dinner...flavors I never usually cook. 

Amazon Prime has all but ruined me. I am so used to 1/2 day shipping that waiting for things for SEVEN days seems like a god damn eternity.  Random, but I'm so anxious to get all of the maternity clothes I ordered and have been checking the mail incessantly like they're just going to appear!

I'm so excited for this week ahead. My cousin Ryan, her husband and their two kids are coming out to LA for their spring break! I can't wait to spend a solid week with them here in town. Tonight, Joel and I will probably just order in pizza and hang out, then tomorrow we will have the family over for a BBQ at our house, and then Sunday....see item #4. 

Have a great weekend! 
LOL :) 


  1. Same thing on Prime! I feel like Gap took forever to deliver two shirts! You know you can register on Amazon..!! Free returns too!

  2. I loved ASOS when I was pregnant, they have a 2 day shipping option that you pay for the year. It fulfilled that instant gratification need! :)

  3. Amazon prime is the best/ worst thing to ever happen to my online shopping addiction. I track constantly and we already know I have zero patience.

    Also, do you have a Costco membership? Veuve Clicquot & Perrier Jouet are both like $39.99. Best deal in town. ;)

  4. I love that quote, so very true! I try to stay away from Amazon or I end up with way too much stuff I don't need lol.
    Have a wonderful visit with your out-of-town family, sounds like a fun and very busy weekend planned!

  5. Amazon Prime is literally the best thing ever. How did I live before I could have things on my doorstep the next day?