My 1st Trimester Must Have's

Let me start by saying that I was very, very lucky to have an easy first trimester. Morning sickness spared me completely, and for the most part, I have truly felt great for the last 13 weeks. This list won't help those who have suffered and been through what sounds like hell (I'm sorry), but these things below helped make my last 13 weeks a lot more enjoyable, and if you need them, I hope they do the same for you.

I'll go clockwise starting with my "Pregnancy Bible".

Expecting Better by Emily Oster: I read this before I was pregnant, and again for a second time once I was pregnant, and now I'm reading it chapter by chapter for whats applicable. This has been my go-to book for everything. The book is focuses on statistics and, while there are stories of the authors own pregnancy experience, it does focus on numbers and studies from around the world (less Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy). I liked this book so much because it helped me determine my comfort levels, how much coffee, what kinds of medicine, and so on. Plus, more than giving me a a flat number and it explained why through data. I found it much less fear based than a lot of other books I've read  and truly the most useful of any other book thus far. Joel and I both really enjoyed it, so if you're looking, it's got my stamp of approval! 

Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier: I was waking up with a bloody nose the first few weeks of being pregnant and just felt extra dry and stuffy. I've never slept with a humidifier and now, I can't sleep without it. Plus, the cool air humidifier creates less of a breeding ground for bad stuff so this is a recommended humidifier for babies rooms as well.

Good N/A Beer: We didn't share the news with close friends right away so there were many a happy hour that I had poured a N/A beer and kept my girlfriends off my trail. Trader Joe's sells Buckler which is one of the better ones, but even Coors Light has an NA option. They're a nice option when you want a cold beer with food, or need to buy yourself some time.

Exercise/Spin Class: At my first doctor's appointment, my doctor's advice for me was, "just move everyday". I've always kept a pretty solid workout routine, and my doctor was more than fine with me continuing it. What hasn't stayed for me is running. It just hasn't felt good, so I've stopped. Spinning, however, is my favorite. It's pretty easy to just pedal through the class and leave feeling accomplished. Plus, for me, it's really helped reduce stress and anxiety so it's a double win in my book.

Mrs. Meyers Room Spray: Smells bugged the hell out of me almost from day 1. Most notably, coffee grounds and old banana peels. I almost can't even write that out. This room spray instantly takes away the nastiness and I feel more comfortable spraying this than Febreze, so it's been my daily go-to.

Werther's Original: Joel claims that the only people he now knows that eat these are old people and pregnant women. Even though I didn't have morning sickness, a lot of time the taste of foods that would linger in my mouth would make my stomach turn. I kept these bad boys in my car, purse, and kitchen because they helped settle my stomach and in a clutch....helped stave off hunger for 10 more minutes. 

Pillows: You're going to need at least two more than you already sleep with. I basically created my own little birds nest with pillows and liked one between my legs too. Of course, half of them ended up on the ground in the morning, but they seem to help get me to fall asleep. 

Netflix: Because we were laying real low for the first few weeks, we got a lot of use out of our Netflix account. Plus, I've seriously enjoyed mindlessly re-watching gilmore girls when I crawl into bed before 8pm.

Gap's Supersoft Leggings: Even though my jeans "fit" for now, they're not comfortable for more than an hour or two. I'm pretty sure I change into these bad boys everyday (I have two pairs). They're so insanely comfortable, pregnant or not.

A Good Mocktail: I had to find something to replace my 5pm happy hour, and in it's place has been my La Croix mocktail. It's seriously so refreshing I normally end up having two a day. My favorite is 3/4 Lemon La Croix, 1/4 100% Cranberry juice (the bitter kind), and a splash of Lime Juice, over lots of ice. I also love when a bartender can make you a solid mocktail....or even a virgin Moscow Mule does the trick! 

And somehow, my first trimester truly flew by. I can't believe it's behind me, but I sure am thankful that it is - and I'm already stocking up on a new list of favorites for these next 12 weeks.

Did you have anything you would add to this list?


  1. We have the same blog post today! I'll have to check out that book I'm always looking for new preggo books to read. I hope NA beer is better than NA wine because it made me gag!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. This is a great list. I'm gonna try the la croix mocktail!!

  3. I'm only a couple chapters in with that book, but so far so good! Besides, needing to know how much coffee I'll be able to drink = essential. ;)

    I've never had La Croix, but I might have to give it a shot now!

  4. I'm glad you've had such an easy first trimester! Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm going to check it out!

  5. Cheers to easy first trimesters! And LaCroix...my JAM!!! Cheers, darling! xx

  6. That's awesome you have had no morning sickness! I'm terrified of that since I seem to have enough stomach issues as it is. Hope you continue to do so well, lady! :)