Friday Five: Easter Edition

1: What We're Doing

Easter Decorating Ideas #Easter Easter
 After Church we have family coming over to our house for brunch. I have very little desire to go all out this year, so we're sticking with an easy buffet and focusing on spending time with family. And eating bagels. And drinking mimosa's.

2: What We're Eating
Brunch is such an easy meal to prepare, so we're going to have the basics: Bagels and lox, fruit salad, sausage and bacon....and then our two main dishes will be this overnight French Toast cassrole and crustless Egg Bake.
So good! Make this Cinnamon Baked French Toast the night before, pop in the oven in the AM, and delicious breakfast is ready!A lightened-up, healthy crustless quiche with heavy flavor and only 110 calories per giant serving!!

3. What I'm Wearing
I'm so ready to break out the white jeans!! I bought a perfect Easter blouse months back and haven't worn it yet, so I'm hoping I still like it come Sunday.

4. What  We're Getting
 In lieu of more chocolate around these parts, we decided to spend our Easter money and go to our first (of the season) Clippers game, which happens to be their last (at home) of the season. 

5.  What I always think about

Three years ago, the day before Easter, we brought home Roscoe. We didn't have a clue what we were doing and when we picked up, our next stop was at Petco because we didn't have anything at home ready for him. He is such a joy and member of our family and Joel and I are just obsessed with him. 


Have the most wonderful Easter! 

it's Friday! enjoy your weekend, spread love, cheer and happiness to all those around you <3


  1. Baby Roscoe!!!! Happy Easter to all of you!

  2. Good Friday & Happy Easter Tess :)


  3. Aw baby Roscoe!
    I still need to go buy some white jeans.

    Hope you have a great Easter!

  4. What an adorable doggy!! Love it
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/