Bumpdate: 22 weeks

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How Far Along? 22w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 12.5lb - solid 3lb jump in a week

Maternity Clothes: Jeans and a few shirts here and there. I need to find some soft white and black tank tops that I can wear with cardigans.

Nursery: Joel put together a metal shelving unit for the babies room. It was an enormous pain in the neck for him, but I was so impressed he was able to do it. I have a handyman coming in July to hang decals and put together the more annoying furniture so that Joel doesn't officially kill me.

Movement: This kid moves all. the. time! It's still the most cherished part of this process for me. I used to only feel him at certain parts of the day, and mainly when I was laying down, but now it's almost every hour. Joel has felt him pretty much everyday this week and he really like to actually see the kicks and watch my stomach move from it. We joke that watching the kicks is like when we go whale watching in Mexico. We go very quiet and try to be really patient, and then when he gives us a big kick we hoot and holler....just like whale watching, it just doesn't get old or less magical.
The only time I don't love it is when he kicks me in bed because it's hard to sleep through it.

Symptoms: I was sick this week with a cold that came on rapidly. Not being able to take my normal arsenal of Dayquil/Nyquil was annoying, but I was able to take a decongestant that really helped. I just pounded back mugs of tea and honey, took lots of Emergen-C, and slept with the humidifier and Vix vapor rub and tried to get lots of rest. I'm feeling better but not 100% out of the woods.
Sleep: Not that fun. I toss and turn a lot and I get up to pee a lot
Joel: He was a trooper while we registered and we actually had a lot of fun (at times). The bedding at Pottery Barn Kids overwhelmed me, but Joel was good about holding my purse which I swear weighs like 9,000 pounds and kept us on track when my mind would get overwhelmed by all of the descisions we had to make. I mean, how many bottles should I get? Really though?

Workouts: Three - 2 gym and 1 spin - but they've stopped since Thursday when I started feeling sick and I'm still being cautious about pushing it.

Mood: Being sick hasn't been super fun.

Cravings: bland foods....plain pasta, toast and eggs, crackers....

What I Miss: My non-cold infested self! 

Random Things: We worked with a dog trainer this week to start getting Roscoe ready to live in a house with a baby. Roscoe's biggest issue is greeting guests - he barks incessantly for ten minutes - and it just drives. me. crazy. We are going to work with the trainer to make entrances for guests more routine, which will in turn make Roscoe quieter (fingers crossed)! 

Best Moment This Week: Baby kicks and I've looked at my registry about 100 times imagining it coming to real life!

Looking Forward To: I'm heading to Nashville this week for one of my best friends Bachelorette parties!! I'm really excited to see all of my college girlfriends, celebrate Sara's soon-to-be wedding, and have a weekend filled with girl time! I'm also really excited for my cousin Amanda to get a chance to feel the baby kick...and on Sunday I'm able to spend some time with our extended family that live in Nashville, so I'm looking forward to that too.


  1. I've heard Target has some great long maternity tanks. I still go back and look over my registry all the time and get so excited! It's crazy to think that eventually all that stuff will be lying around your house!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  2. My husband has a cold right now and I am praying I don't catch it! I had the flu at week 12 and it was awful being sick on top of pregnancy!! Hope you feel better! I have also gotten great tanks at Target.

  3. Look how cute you are!!! I hope you start feeling 100% again....there's nothing worse than sick and pregnant. Glad registering was semi fun. Just get everything and then decide afterwards what you REALLY need.

  4. Oh man, getting the pups to keep quiet is going to be so rough. A coworker of mine got a shock collar for her pup who was several years old, which I worried if the age of the dog would affect the training of it. She said it worked perfectly! So that might be something to look into...

  5. So one benefit of having a barking dog is that my kids can sleep through anything now!! Our dog does the same thing and I don't love it but both boys can sleep right through that and any thunder storm. It also comes in handy when we travel because new noises don't bother them. Being sick while pregnant is the worst and the baby kicks are the best!

  6. Looking great!!! We're due around the same time so this is so fun to follow your journey and see how things are going. I'm planning on registering in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to get a preliminary list together before I go so I don't go crazy.

  7. cutest little bump has arrived!!!! Hate you got a cold but glad you are feeling better. Have a blast in Nashville for a fun-filled girl weekend (minus the booze wha).

  8. I'm way overdue and catching up with posts! So freaking excited for you both! You need as many bottles as you need. Lol. I've said it before and I'll say it again...every baby is different!! I was told we would never use the 4oz bottles...we ended up using them all the time. would have loved a dozen! Have six 8 oz bottles and it's more than enough. Weird. Can't wait to kiss me sweet nephew!

  9. Bahaha Joel's face. Priceless. You look as gorgeous as ever!!

  10. The more bottles the better!!! Less dishwashing! But make sure to buy all the same brand though cause when the tops dont fit the bottles and you have to search for the right match its quite frustrating... Like I've had 6 children.