Chicago Recap

After the crazy Fourth of July weekend, Joel flew back to California and Tuesday and Wednesday my parents and I took it very easy. I was able to join my mom's tennis class all week, so we played tennis in the morning and then in the afternoon I found myself sneaking in a nap and then just hanging around at home. We all needed a mini-break in the action before it all started again Thursday night. 

Thursday night we hosted a wedding shower for my cousin Erin. Erin moved to LA almost a year ago - and is getting married here in LA in October - but, like me, our whole family is in Chicago. The aunts hosted the shower downtown for Erin and I felt so fortunate that my trip aligned to be at her shower and bachelorette party.

My mom and sister Hannah and I got downtown early, had lunch and did a little shopping and then we went to the shower location, Macellos in the West Loop for a drink before the party started. 

The shower turned out perfectly. The weather was great, so we had happy hour out on the patio and then dinner was an Italian buffet (which was fantastic), plenty of time to just catch up with friends and family, and the bride made out with a great haul. I loved the whole downtown feel of the shower too...it was a little different than your typical Sunday brunch.


Our family is just growing and growing - we had a special appearance from our newest member Emme - and an announcement that another new cousin will join our crew in January! 

We had such a great time celebrating the bride to be! Another reason we are all anxiously anticipating October!!

The next morning, after tennis, I drove up to Door County for Erin's bachelorette party. We stayed at my aunts new lake house for the weekend and it just couldn't have been more perfect.

I grew up having a lake house in Green Bay, Wisconsin, so being back up there was honestly amazing. I hadn't realized how much I had missed the smells, the views, and just the feel of this tiny little area in Northern Wisconsin.

Once all of Erin's girlfriends arrived up North, our group of 12 headed to Sturgeon Bay for Friday Night Fish Fry. 

I'm pretty sure we were the first bachelorette party for this small local restaurant, but everyone was so fun and Erin got lots of hilarious advice and free drinks.

 Saturday we had planned to visit a few wineries, but the weather was so perfect so after brunch and a long walk, everyone stayed at the pool and just relaxed and ate and drank all day long. 

The theme for Saturday night was Hawaiian and we went all out with the themed t-shirts, food, decorations, and games.


 It was such a fun girly weekend, the house was so beautiful and comfortable for everyone, and I was so glad I got to be there to celebrate Erin...she is such a huge part of my life in Chicago and now LA.

I left Wisconsin before 7am that next morning to get home and spend as much time at home on Sunday as I possibly could before my flight left on Monday. My parents and I were able to sneak in a walk, lunch at the club, and then had a BBQ with some neighborhood friends before Monday morning arrived.

My flight back to LA was easy and quick, and before I knew it my time in Crystal Lake had come to an end. Two weeks at home was such an amazing luxury. I feel like I really, really got to be home and had the time to just enjoy it.

Leaving is always easier when I know I get to go back in just a few short weeks (for my baby shower!!), so for now, I'm happy to be back in LA, back with my boys, and back to our routine!


  1. That just sounds lovely! Nothing is better than getting spend extended time with friends and family! That lake house looks so relaxing and peaceful too.

  2. Looks so much fun--and I LOVE your sister's dress. Where it is from?

  3. Gorgeous family and gorgeous lake house! Wisconsin is so beautiful in the summer!

  4. Your hair is so cute and I love how you curled it! What a fun trip!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  5. I know being away from home how nice it is to get to spend time with family when you are back! Looks like a great trip and the shower looked so cute!

  6. Ahh nothing better than home home!!

  7. Sooo much fun! I LOVE visiting my family in WI and I'm jealous of your travels. I have to ask...where is your first dress from...with the white flowers? It is SO CUTE!!!!