Weekend Report

This weekend was one of my most ideal LA summer weekends.

Friday after work Joel and I went to the Hollywood Bowl to watch Amos Lee and David Gray perform. I can't say enough good things about the Bowl. If you ever find yourself in LA (in the summer) it has to make an appearance on your itinerary. 

We stopped at Trader Joe's on our way to the concert to load up on bread, grapes and cheese so that we could picnic before the show. *We typically bring our basket to our seats and eat, but we both decided that next time we get to the Bowl we want to go even earlier and try and snag a table or really picnic in their grassy areas, and then just bring our drinks to our seats.

The weather was absolute perfection and both Amos Lee and David Gray were so, so, so good. They both played with the LA Phil Harmonic, and that truly elevated the entire experience. I think Joel and I both enjoyed Amos Lee just a little better...he was just adorable...but David Gray brought out LeAnn Rimes for a duet, and dang she has a spectacular voice.

The only downside was that I had a pretty uncomfortable night once we got back home. I had worked out pretty hard that morning, plus a full day of work and running errands coupled with the fact that then we about a mile away from the theater, plus sitting on uncomfortable seats for three hours and then the long walk back.....hot damn my body did not like that combination.

Thankfully Saturday consisted of nothing.

It was blissful.

 I stayed in pajamas until 6pm before I switched to leggings so that we could venture out for sushi. We were home by 8, put pajamas back on, watched the documentary Babies and went to bed at 10. 

Sunday morning I was ready to face the world again, so we started the morning off with a hike at Westridge. Roscoe and I stayed on the easy part and just walked while Joel did all the running for the us.

We rewarded ourselves with lattes and bagels at NY Bagel and then went to the movies to see Trainwreck (followed by Yogurtland). I mean, it was a solid Sunday! 

It was a nice, normal weekend home with my boys and it was just what I needed. It's been go, go go, lately and this was a much needed return to normalcy. 



  1. I'm so jealous of your nice summer weather! It's way too hot here to do anything outside. That concert sounds awesome. Our first dance was to a David Grey song! Not too sure about him bringing out Leeann Rhymes. She's kind of a wacko!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. That concert sounds amazing, I love Amos Lee! I also saw Trainwreck this weekend and was surprised how much I actually liked it and laughed throughout out. I was crying at some points from laughing so hard! Hope you have a great week love!

  3. Your Saturday sounds blissfully perfect

  4. sounds like a perfect Saturday and a day to relax afterward and take it easy. That looks like one nice cup of coffee!

  5. That concert - how awesome. That venue is now on my must do one day list. Glad you gave yourself Saturday to recover. Be easy on yourself!!