Bumpdate: 28 weeks - Hello 3rd Trimester!

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How Far Along? 28w, 4d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 19lbs 

Maternity Clothes: No changes this week....still trying to shop old stuff that still fits

Nursery: I bought a few accessories this week, a mirror and basket, but so far that's it. I'm hoping the only major purchases I still have left to make are a side table for next to the glider (and I think I'd like to see the scale of the chair in the room before I buy one), a lamp, and pillows for the daybed (and I need that built to determine how many).

We also switched up the knobs on the Honest dresser to get closer to the look I'm going for.

Movement: Tons and they've really changed over the last few weeks. Now the movement feels like heavy rolls compared to just sweet little kicks. There are still lots of kicks in there, some directly to my bladder, but I can tell that the baby is starting to really get bigger in there.

Symptoms: Belly tightness is new, and uncomfortable. I would say I have very light heartburn, and spicy foods - like salsa or anything seasoned with lots of cayenne pepper - bring it on almost instantly. Oh, and I can't see my feet. I catch myself looking down and still getting thrown off by a bump protruding out.
I was also really weepy this week. When I found out that I didn't pass the 1-hour glucose tolerance test by 7 points, I did shed a few tears. My mom helped me a lot to just keep perspective on the issue but it felt like a blow at the time.

And, I honestly think this is pregnancy related, but I HATE making decisions. Picking my freaking nail polish color takes me 6x as long as it should, dinner plans, what to wear, when to leave....it's obnoxious.
Sleep: Getting a lot less comfortable. My belly sort of hurts at night, and I toss and turn all the time. I have a body pillow that helps, and I try and wedge random pillows all over the place, but I think it might be downhill from here. Plus, getting up to go to the bathroom like 5x makes sleep complicated as well.
Joel: He's been talking to his little buddy a lot over the last few weeks, and it's so sweet....I don't think my heart is prepared to take on the kind of love that I know I'm going to feel in a few months.

Workouts: Six- 1 spin, 1 pool, 2 gym, 1 neighborhood walk, and 1 hike. 

Mood: emotional and anxious and easily exhausted (mentally and physically!)

Cravings: Before I had my results back from the 3-hour test, I was eating every crab like it could have been my last. But the only thing that I really crave that is abnormal are blueberry muffins and blueberry donuts!

What I Miss: I'm glad I'm not going to have to miss carbs.

Random Things: Just in case I need to remember this for myself in the future - I thought I'd try and keep a good recap of how the 3-hour test went down.

I found out last Wednesday that I failed the 1-hour gluclose test by 7 points. My doctor wasn't concerned, but still had to order the 3-hour test to confirm there wasn't an issue. I was anxious the whole week in anticipation of the dreaded test and I just wanted it over with. The day before the test I stayed away from high-carb food, and after dinner of turkey burgers (no buns) and a big spinach salad, I had to fast. 

The lab at our hospital opened early, so I was able to get my first blood draw over with by 7:30am - if you have to do this - get to the lab as soon as it opens. After the initial draw, I had to drink the even sweeter orange drink again in 5 minutes. This drink was worse than the first one, sweeter and more syrupy, but it went down.

The best part of my experience was that I was able to leave the lab. I was so worried they were going to make me sit there for 3 hours, but I got lucky. I was able to walk outside, and since there is a city target just a block away, I pretty much browsed the aisles, talked on the phone, and returned every hour for three hours to get my blood taken. *I'm becoming a freaking pro and blood draws. I was also allowed water which some places don't let you have, and that helped me feel a lot better during the test.

The only time I felt really bad during the process was end of the last hour and then immediately after the final draw. My blood sugar at that point was really low and I honestly don't think I could have done a 4th hour. I just felt shaky, light headed, and out of it,  but knowing it was almost over got me through. I had brought trailmix with me in my purse, so I shoveled that in my mouth and on my way home stopped for breakfast that I barely tasted, just consumed quickly.

I felt awful the rest of the day, and was thankful I didn't have to go back to an office. I had a horrible headache and felt like hell for the rest of the afternoon. A shower and pizza seemed to help the most ;)

I got my results about 48 hours after and passed each marker with a ton of wiggle room - so that was amazing - even though waiting to hear back for those two days drove me slightly batty. 

Best Moment This Week: Passing the test was a big one! Joel and I also hit up a baby store to pick out a stroller and since it was my second time test driving, I got to sit back and watch and see Joel with all of the strollers. We got home and he set up the stroller right away and spent a good twenty minutes practicing how to fold it, turn it, and roll it around. He's going to be a great dad.

Looking Forward To: Spending time with my cousin Amanda this week, having the handyman come this weekend, and touring an apartment that my parents will hopefully rent out for four or five weeks in December and January!!


  1. Joel is the cutest Dad To Be, just like his cutest Mama To Be wife :) What a yuck experience with that test!! I get very dehydrated very easily so fasting blood draws are so awful for me since my tubes get too tiny. Glad you got through it fairly OK!

  2. Yay we're in the home stretch!! So glad we both passed our glucose tests! I get belly tightness too especially after I eat a big meal. I don't know about you but I find that none of my symptoms right now are lasting longer than a few days. It's weird how one day I'll have the worst pelvic pain but then it'll be gone by the next. Same for belly tightness, I had it for a few days there and now I don't. I'm thinking it's all about his positioning!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  3. Yay for the third trimester and passing the 3hr glucose test!! What a relief. You look great and it sounds like things are really coming together. I love the stroller that you picked out

  4. You look so great! Hooray for passing the glucose test!!

  5. love your update - and you look super adorable!! so glad you passed the second glucose test - I have my one hour one next week. and now I want a blueberry donut ;)

  6. It is starting to feel so real huh?? I am at 32 weeks just about and I feel like I am about to pop! Love the update and you are looking amazing!

  7. Ahhhh I'm SO glad you passed that dern test!