Five on Friday

::: 1 :::
There's been a lot of life happening around the blog world this week; lives gone too soon and lives being fought for before they've even begun. It's been a tough week for a lot of families, and while I don't know any of these women, or their families personally, my heart has been heavy for all them. Life is just so precious and so fragile and can be cut far too short, and we've been served a very harsh reminder of that.

My life, has been this. All the terrible stuff people have said about me has led to me realizing the truth about some people. First it pissed me off, then it made me step into a new, and better version of me. It made me stronger, faster, smarter. So as soon as your done being pissed, make your self different and better.

::: 2 ::: 
My cousin Amanda came into LA for a business trip on Tuesday so we got to sneak in another visit with each other. We've seen each other so much over the last year, it's been amazing. When she got in, we met our other cousin Erin and her fiance Danny for dinner at Water Grill in Santa Monica (wasn't very impressed with it).

::: 3 ::: 
Wednesday morning we started early and drove into Santa Monica to get in a long walk along the ocean. The marine layer was really heavy so we didn't get a great view, but it was nice to feel the salty air. Even though we live only a few miles from the water, we just do not enjoy it as much as we should!

::: 4 ::: 
On our walk back to the car we decided to browse the SM farmers market. I have to laugh because I sent this picture to Joel while he was at his office. About ten minutes later security was yelling at us to get out of the market because dogs weren't allowed.  

Clearly I didn't look close enough at the picture I sent Joel because that white sign just a few feet in front of Roscoe says "No Animals Allowed". Whoops!

::: 5 :::
This weekend is nursery overhaul weekend!! We have someone coming on Saturday to help us, and I'm just giddy to see a lot of the work get done. We still will have a ways to go before it's ready but this is a huge step forward! Bring on the changes!! Bye Bye Guest Room
Hello Nursery...


  1. That's funny about Roscoe at the Farmers Market! Can't wait to see the nursery transformation!

  2. Poor Roscoe! Why can't pups enjoy the market too?? Can't wait to see your nursery!!

  3. Eek - cannot wait to see the nursery reveal! I never go to the beach/near the ocean but mainly because we don't have anything fun to do "near" it; you have to park it in the sand which I just cannot handle ha. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  4. Cannot wait to see the nursery come together, love! xx