Let's Play Catch Up

I feel like my blog groove has taken a major summer break and I really miss the fun of random blogging, so I'm going to try and switch things up around here.

Starting next week, one day a week I want to have just a random topic that helps springboard fun, new topics around here. Natasha posted "50 Blog Post Ideas" which is going to be where I start looking for inspiration for different post topics. I'm no where near professional enough to call this a "series" but, for my own inspiration purposes and to kick start me back into sharing other areas of my life and talking  beyond Bump Dates and Weekend Recaps, I'm going to coin it "Open Up: ______" or something like that.

Give me a few days to think about a catchy title.....or throw on out for me! I just need a catch all for random topics! 

In the meantime...

Reading - I think I'm going to read Grey by E. L. James. I just want a book that you get lost in - and I'm guessing this one might do the trick. I've also got a few Nancy Thayer books saved which are always easy beach reads. 

Anticipating- I'm living in anticipation but trying not to.


Buying - I need a new pair of Tory Burch Miller sandals and I need two dresses for my baby showers in August.

Listening - I'm obsessed with House Party by Sam Hunt and Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammar. Both are great summer songs that I can't help but blast in my car. 

Watching - Chrisley Knows Best and Flipping Out. But, I'm sorry, Todd Chrisley is hilarious and has the most amazing one liners I've ever heard. 

Devouring - Farmhouse English Cheddar with Italian Truffles cheese from Trader Joe's. Literally I could eat the entire block in a sitting.

Loving - Those pajamas every blogger told you to go and get from Target? Seriously, go and get them from target. They're amazing, so comfortable and so cute. I bought a size up so I'm hoping I can get a few more months of wear out of them. 

Hating - Very bad to admit but...work! Ugh, I'm just so not motivated by it and find myself counting the days til maternity leave (10 weeks-ish)!

Wanting - While I was in Chicago I was using my mom's DVF crossbody bag and I'm really mad I didn't just steal the damn thing. I want a tiny little bag that I can use to transfer my essentials between my big purse and my future diaper bag, and my big LV carryall gets too heavy to wear all the time, so this is the perfect purse to just grab a few things and run out with. And I can't find the exact bag online, besides this poshmark photo from google...otherwise I would own it by now.

Hoping - continued good health for myself, baby, and family. 
Feeling - Afternoon slumps have been hitting me hard and they're hard to shake. I think it's because it gets so hot in our condo around 3pm that I get extra lethargic. I literally spend an hour convincing myself to make dinner and take the dog out.

Wishing - that we had a garage with storage space. Our shared garage doesn't have any storage lockers and the amount of stuff we are starting to accumulate is starting to freak me out. And like, who knew babies needed like 17 different types of strollers? I'm going to have a mini parking lot for strollers on my patio. 
Have a great weekend!! Catch ya on Monday! 
Summer, we're ready for you. (And so is this gorgeous outdoor space — genius way to use our Alphabet Hooks.)


  1. Aren't those pj's the best? I'm wearing them now! That cheese sounds to die for! I think I might go look for it today. Loved this random post!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  2. Z and I rock out to "Honey I'm Good" in the car all the time. It's hilarious that she'll sing along until it gets to the word 'ass' and then she mumbles... I have to bite my lip every time so I don't crack up!

  3. May have to steal that list of 50 post ideas from you! I had originally planned to blog a lot about wedding planning this Summer, but now I find myself wanting to keep everything a surprise until after the big day!

  4. I have been majorly slacking on inspiration on the blog front as well, I will definitely need to check out that list! A friend of mine is reading Grey right now and absolutely loves it, could be a good break from my routine of easy going beach reads. Hope you have a great weekend lovie! xo

  5. I LOVE those pajamas! I have two pair and rotate between the two way too often - just need to go ahead and replace all my pjs with those. Wish I had a TJ near by so I could try that cheese - yum!
    And I know you didn't ask for book suggestions, but I have been suggesting two books I recently devoured to anyone who even mentions reading - I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson and Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. Both easy, consuming reads. Could not put them down once I started.

  6. I have those pjs too! So comfy!! And yay for baby showers in August! :)

  7. Todd Chrisley makes every day better... which is why I plan on watching tonight ha. With wine in hand, so as not to disappoint him ;) YES to the Millers. Do it!

  8. I also want to read that book! Not exactly what I should be reading on a family vacation to Disney but definitely getting it!

    I also love Todd Chrisley. He cracks me up!

  9. Those posts sound like a great idea. I need more blog post ideas as well so I'm looking at various articles that suggest them.

    I'm obsessed with Sam Hunt and House Party is definitely my favorite song by him!

    I love Chrisley Knows Best. That show is so funny and I crack up laughing throughout the entire episode.

    Those pajamas are adorable!

    I hope you have a great weekend! :)

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/