Bumpdate: 25 weeks

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How Far Along? 25w, 5d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 13.5lbs - Steady last week but I'm doing some major damage in Chicago!

Maternity Clothes: Added a hot little maternity swimsuit to the mix.

Nursery: We were gifted our glider from my parents which is amazing, and that will arrive August 17th. When I get back into town, we've got some major movin' and groovin' to do!

Movement: Lots. Cold liquids really get him moving which is pretty hilarious. Plus, this week my mom and sisters got a chance to see and feel him squirm around. Also this week when we were laying in bed,  Joel and I caught the little guy with hiccups!! It was weird because I could see them more than feel them, but it was pretty adorable.

Symptoms: I'm hanging pretty strong right now. The worst symptom is by far the amount of trips I have to take to the bathroom at night.
Sleep: Oh my gosh, my mom has this long round pillow....it's like a massive pillar pillow, it has been SO comfortable to sleep with I'm tempted to ship the damn thing back to my house in LA. 
Joel: I think he was really, really excited this week. We told a lot of people the baby's name and we hung out with lots of babies and kids, and I think it helped Joel visualize a lot of the fun that is coming into our future.

Workouts:I  got in 3 solid workouts M (gym), T (laps) , W (spin) of last week. Since coming to Chicago I've been trying to get in a walk in the mornings with my parents.

Mood: Overall happy and energetic

Cravings: Giving into every damn little thing I want this week! I think we've had dessert every single day...Oh and for sure I'd like some more blueberry cake donuts...

What I Miss: Not being able to drink with everyone all day and night was hard this week. I do pretty well until a certain point in the night and then at a point being the only sober one just turns annoying.

Random Things: Baby's 1st Fourth of July!

Best Moment This Week: Too many to count. It's been an amazing week at home with our families and everyone is SO excited for October. 

Looking Forward To: Continuing my time at home. Joel left to go back to Los Angeles but I'm looking forward to a few slow days with my parents and then heading up to Wisconsin for a bacheloette party for my cousin Erin.


  1. Blueberry donuts sounds so good right now! :) Sounds like you had an awesome Week 25!

  2. Another bachelorette party sober....you're a champ!

  3. Those blueberry cake doughnuts sound amazing! Love your red bathing suit!
    Ally- Life as I know it