Bumpdate: 26 weeks

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How Far Along? 26w, 5d - due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 15.5lbs (doc's scales have me showing +14lb) - I am honestly shocked that it was only 2 pounds in 2 weeks while on vacation. We stayed really, really active but I pretty much let myself eat/order whatever I wanted.

Maternity Clothes: I can still get by with some of my own blouses and stretchy tank tops and I'm impressed that all of my workout clothes still seem to fit for the time being. If I wear certain clothes, I can still hide the baby belly.
Nursery: While I was in Chicago the Honest dresser was delivered and I love it. The wash is perfect as is the height and size (the size is exactly what we need but it's on the smaller side).  I'm still going to switch out the handles, but I need to find a date to get to Home Depot. The room is collecting more and more baby stuff with each passing day and it's getting very exciting!

Movement: Every hour, and this week I've been able to feel movement in two places at once. I'm not sure if it's just big stretches that I can feel his hands and feet at the same time, but it's pretty cool. The doctor said I should feel him everyday, but not to think about kick counts until we are closer to 30/32 weeks.

Symptoms: I'm getting really tired again, similar to the 1st trimester. I've taken a lot of naps over the last few weeks. I thought in Chicago it was just due to our crazy schedule, but it might be the beginning of 3rd trimester tiredness setting in.
Sleep: So I found a similar body pillow that I was using at home and bought that today from Target.
Joel: Poor guy has been sick with strep this week. Some of his nieces and nephews have it too, so we must have been exposed at the same time, but I'm knocking on wood that it's spared me. While I was gone, Joel made a trip to the Patagonia store on a whim to do a little shopping for the baby. He got him a really cute little shark bathing suit and t-shirt....it was precious....and the first outfit purchase that he has randomly picked up.

Workouts: 5 - Last week I played in my mom's tennis drill every morning which was an hour of lots of running and playing....plus we biked and walked a lot, so overall it was a really good week.

Mood: Steady....still feeling very good.

Cravings: I honestly didn't crave anything this week because while I was away, if I wanted it, I let myself get it. The only thing I really think about a lot is coffee....I've never been a huge coffee drinker, but now....I cannot go a day without it and sometimes I'll have more in the afternoon.

What I Miss: Not drinking was hard the last two weeks but even at the Bachelorette party, wasn't that big of deal. I had an O'douls while we were hanging by the pool which hit the spot.

Random Things: My first baby shower will be in Chicago on August 9th and I received the baby shower invite this week, and while I'm biased, it's the cutest baby shower invite I've ever seen in my life. 

Also (for my own records), I had a doctors appointment this week and it was the first time she measured my belly. It measured right on track at 23cms which is in the normal range for growth at this point (it's a +/-2-4cm range from gestational age, so at almost 27 weeks, I wanted to fall between 23 and 31cms) 

And, this week was the dreaded glucose test.
I haven't gotten my results back yet but I'm really hoping I passed! Overall, the drink was not that bad. My doctors office had the drink cold, which helped a lot. It tastes like that orange drink from McDonalds...I don't even know if they still sell that, but I remember it as a kid. I chugged the drink down and then during the hour wait, I had a doctors appointment which helped keep me busy during the wait. I was really surprised to find out that my doctors office doesn't let you drink water during the test! I knew you couldn't eat during the hour, but I didn't know that even water was limited. The sugar felt gross on my teeth and it did make me feel a little off for the whole day following the test, but nothing I couldn't get through. I was just impressed I didn't faint from fasting the 12 hours! A bagel and coffee were my afterwards treat.

Best Moment This Week: It was an amazing week. Hearing the baby's heartbeat (in the 140's yet again), spending so much time with my parents, getting the cutest outfits for the baby from my sisters, my aunts, Joel, seeing my cousins.....it was another very good week.

Looking Forward To: Passing the 1hour Glucose test, the Amos Less & David Grey concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and making more nursery progress!


  1. Kuddos for not gaining a lot of vacation weight! I know you were concerned about that! You look great!

  2. Yay! So exciting!!! Now that I know I am also having a boy, it is SUPER SUPER fun to follow along with your updates!

  3. Hope you passed the test with flying colors, mama! You look gorgeous :)

  4. I didn't think the Glucola test was all that bad either! They put my orange drink in a paper cup with a straw and it went down quick. I also felt a little off the rest of the day but thankfully all results came back great! Good luck!

  5. I didn't feel like the glucose test was really all that bad either- I don't know why some people make such a fuss over it! I've seen Amos Lee twice, once right before baby and once right after (the second time we got to meet him!); dying to see him again sometime- ENJOY! You look darling!

  6. i swear you are the just the cutest pregnant mama there ever was!!! love that growing little bump and all the updates.. keep them coming friend!

  7. Funnily enough I just talked with my colleague about this test, because it is done differently over here in Europe. In Austria (where she is from) everyone has to drink something similar to that drink you get in the States.

    In Switzerland (where we are all living at the moment) they however check your blood first and put you into one of three categories (low, medium and high risk). If you are in the low risk category you do not even need to take any further tests nor do they make you even drink it, which was her luck (she is also around 26 weeks pregnant by now) as she passed the blood test already :)