Friday Fun

I honestly don't think I can string together 5 different topics to recap this week. It's been slow and boring around these parts and I've got nothing much to show for it. 

I did have to take the dreaded 3-hour gluclose retest on Tuesday and besides work, that honestly consumed my week. The test is not fun, details next week, but I got the major sigh of relief yesterday when I got my results back this week and passed with flying colors! Bring me a cupcake.

Oh Snap!

This weekends big plans include a trip to Home Depot, some reorganizing, maybe a hike and brunch if we feel crazy. Buckle your seat belts for Monday's weekend recap, should be quite the story!


  1. LOL seatbelt is buckled - I can't wait for the wild and crazy Home Depot shenanigans!!!

    (My weekend = putting my clothes from the floor of my closet into my *BRAND SPANKIN' NEW DRESSER* and putting up new house numbers. So. I feel ya.)

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  3. Yay - glad for a good test AND a celebratory cupcake ;) Such a cute image. Have a great weekend!

  4. Congrats on your glucose test, I'm glad you enjoyed your delicious cupcake to celebrate! Wohoo for good news to start the weekend!