Tuesday's Topic: Storage in our Condo

Our 2b/2b has been so good to us these last three and a half years. I'm actually impressed with my 2012 self for choosing this place before I had any idea of what would be in store for us almost four years later.

We don't have a garage, or any place to store anything, so I've had to get really creative on how and where to store so much freaking stuff. 

This shot shows you our baby kitchen. It's probably the size of your bathroom and has one drawer that is big enough to hold 2 oven mits. 

The best thing I did was purchase that open storage piece from World Market about six months ago. It's opens up the kitchen and holds a lot of what we need with really easy access. 

 We had an awful system before (looking back), and this piece has literally saved us.


I'm going to get another big egg-crate basket like the one on the top shelf to hold baby bottles and all of that good stuff, but I'm waiting just a few more weeks to enjoy it as is.

There is a giant right off the great room that we've organized to house even more kitchen stuff. It's a Crate & Barrel "build your own" piece and it fit in our closest like a freaking glove. I bought this right after we got married and it's basically turned our closet into an additional room/garage.

The other side of that closet had to get organized this weekend and is now home to our water cooler and stroller.

For all of my china and stemware, you have to leave the kitchen area a little, but we created a perfect wine corner that has really extended the living (and storage) space. 

These pictures don't give great perspective, but at the end of the living room we have our little bar area. 

I found this beauty at an antique store in Laguna Beach and she is by far my favorite piece of furtniture.

The owner of the antique shop said the piece was orginally kept in someone's garden, but I love it in the living room and think it would even look great as a bookshelf in a nursery.

The drawers below are super deep and contain all of my china, extra stemware, candlesticks....basically all of the fancy stuff I registered for when we got married. 

Joel and I are both really good about staying organized...but check back in with me in a years time and feel free to laugh in our faces.

Oh, and the last closet/storage area that I have to overhaul is in the soon-to-be baby's room. This side of the closet has to remain an area for storage, but I need to it to be much better organized, so that's project 93 for the month. 

Hopefully this little thing I found at The Container Store will make a dent, but everything else that doesn't really need to stay with us is getting the boot. 


  1. Love that open storage piece and you've styled it so well! That vintage farm piece is amazing!! Storage and organization is key with a baby!!

  2. I am feeling so ultra zen right now having seen these organized pictures. Ahhhh. Thank you.

  3. Way to work with what you have space-wise and find such functional pieces! I won't even complain about my short-ass apartment cabinets that don't hold wine glasses I suppose when you guys literally have one drawer in the kitchen (who the f plans these spaces!?).

  4. You are so much better than me. Don't come to my house and look in our closets/garage/basement. It's a freaking nightmare. I keep telling myself I'm going to organize it, but then I get lazy. lol Literally stuff piled upon stuff. The only thing that's semi decent is our linen closet. Otherwise...big nope.