Weekend Report

This weekend turned out to be a lot more fun and lot more productive than I could have imagined on Friday.

Joel got home from a work trip Friday just before 8 so we had a late dinner, caught up on the couch, and went to bed pretty early.

We all got out of bed early on Saturday morning so we could get a hike in. We tried to get out there before it got too hot, so I think we started just about 8am. 

This trail has two routes, an easy one and a hard one, so Roscoe and I took on the easy way and walked the four-ish miles at a pretty slow pace while Joel ran the harder route. It's kind of the perfect balance, and even though we're not all together at the same time, it's nice to be out there together (if that makes any sense).

Plus, it wears this one out for the rest of the weekend so that's an added bonus. 

After showers and a coffee stop, we headed out to run errands. First up was Home Depot to find some new hardware for my dresser and daybed. I didn't find the exact pulls I was looking for, but the ones I found make a really big difference and really upgraded the whole look of the dresser.
After Home Depot we stopped at the baby store Giggle for a stroller. I cannot tell you how much aggravation stroller conversations have caused me. We were already gifted the Bob stroller, which is amazing, and it was literally the only thing Joel wanted. He has big plans for him and his little buddy to be doing lots of trail runs as he gets bigger.

The only problem I saw with only having the Bob is that it's a really big stroller for everyday use, and if they're on the trails every week, it's going to get dirty. So, after lots of research, talking to other mom's, watching too many YouTube videos, and so on....I decided to get another stroller too. 


Then deciding on that second stroller was a whole new ball game. We tried out the Bugaboo, Uppababy Vista, and Uppababy Cruz and finally we decided to go home with the Cruz. It's the perfect size for us, especially since we will have the Bob too and just seemed to be the most practical for what we (think) we need it for.

Saturday night we decided to go to happy hour at one of our favorite places, A.O.C. wine bar, in West Hollywood. Their happy hour menu is great, and you can order from their regular menu too, so we sat up at the bar, enjoyed a few small plates and just hung out in the beautiful restaurant for a few hours. It was blissful actually.

And fun fact, we sat next to Kristin Cavallari and her girlfriends who apparently were there celebrating a bride-to-be. 

She's tiny (even pregnant), and strikingly gorgeous, and literally walked into the bathroom about .12 seconds after I took this selfie which really would have been embarrassing.  

I don't have any proof to show for our uber-productive Sunday, but we spent the day cleaning off the patio, reorganizing closets, and making some headway in the nursery. 

I have a feeling we have plenty more weekends like this in the books.

Everyday of your life is a special occassion


  1. Perfect lil weekend! You and Kristin should have taken a bump selfie! ;)

  2. I saw KC's pic on IG how funny you were right next to her!! You should of photobombed!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  3. That's so funny you saw her! I'm also shocked at how teeny tiny so many celebrities are in person!

  4. We are going to A.O.C. for the first time this coming weekend! My parents are coming to town and we are taking them there on Saturday! Woohoo! Gosh, I feel like I am following you around LA! First the Hollywood Bowl last weekend and now A.O.C! Hehe!

  5. Haha so starstruck for you right about now! Love it. Glad you guys got a lot done but also enjoyed some down time with the puppy and lots of good food.

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Hikes are awesome and that is really cool to do it together even if you're on different paths :) I can't believe Kristin was at that restaurant!! That's so cool! And she seriously is SO cute!! You are rocking that bathroom selfie :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. What a productive weekend!!! I'm so super jealous of you running into Kristin C. Thats too funny that you posted that picture of her because I took a screen shot of that photo and sent it to my good friend who's pregnant too and commiserated with her about what a #skinnybitch she is!! I love her and hate her for being such an adorable pregnant gal!!