We turn to Hollywood for everything; fashion, trends, restaurants, hotels, hair stlyes, nail polish colors, etc.

They tell us what's in, and what's out. I am constantly buying magazines to see how "insert celeb here" designed her closet or where she ate last time she was in NYC. They forecast a lot of what we buy into.


One thing I do not want to go to Hollywood for is relationship advice.

What the heck is with all of these couples breaking up every other minute?

You know what, stop dating other actors and athletes. It. Clearly. Isn't. Working.

And also, while I'm on my soapbox, if the paparazzi bothers you so much, move out of L.A.!

Is marriage this disposable?

I hate to think that year after year, celebrities continue to make it seem like you can try out marriage for a little while (5 years being close to an eternity in their book), decide that you don't like, and dissolve a marriage without a second's thought.

It's sad, and I feel bad for every party involved, but with a 51% divorce rate in the United States, I think it's time that we look up to some better role models. We need people who can show us how to make relationships work because I am over hearing about "great" marriages in the limelight that can't even make it past year 3.

Moving on!

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  1. I agree. I feel like every time I pick up a magazine or go to people.com there's another story about a celebrity couple divorcing. I think that as a whole (not just Hollywood) people don't take marriage as seriously anymore. Instead of trying to work things out people will just say "yeah no thanks. Onto the next one." It's sad, actually.

    I'm not saying that every couple is like this though. I'm sure there are plenty of instances where people genuinely shouldn't be together for whatever reason. Every couple has a story...