Thursday's Thoughts

  • What a week! I have been training from 8-5 for my new position in advertising and it has been information overload! I'm just now getting my head around it all, but I have a feeling I won't completely grasp everything until I start doing it on my own.
  • Joel and I are on a non-stop train and can't seem to get off. We haven't had a day that didn't have something going on.
  • This weekend is more of the same and I am just craving some time to chill out and relax
  • I have not exercised since Thanksgiving. Disgusting.
  • I also just spent the last 25 minutes eating like it was Thanksgiving
  • Thursday nights are my favorite because I am borderline obsessed with the Real Housewives
  • My hamper is overloaded right now and looks like it has more clothes in it than my closet. I trying to wait until I go home for Christmas (next Wednesday) so that I can use my mom's *free* washer and dryer
  • Did you hear that Mariah Carey is having twins? I'm happy for her...
  • I'm feeling really guilty about the fact that I just binged out.
  • Did you see the video about the scary shooter that came into the school board meeting in Florida and tried to kill the board of directors? I watched the whole thing with sound and have been absolutely horrified since seeing it. It is an incredibly graphic and scary video, but there are moments of heroism that truly show me that in a life or death situation, people are selfless and good. Click Here to see it, but please make sure you're not near any children. And THANK YOU GOD that no one, except the monster, were injured or killed.

I really hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Friday! TGIF(soon)

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