'Tis the season

I wrote a post back in November explaining that Joel and I had the oppourtunity to adopt a child for Christmas and provide her Christmas presents.

The little girl we chose was a 1yr old named Carrie and I sincerely hope that she stays healthy, warm, and happy this season.

It was a humbling experience. As I shopped around, I had to put myself in the position of Carrie's mother. If I lived in the projects of Chicago, without an education, or an income, or a family, what would I want to give to my daughter on her first Christmas?

I tried to be as practical as possible, and with the advice of the agency we are working with, sized the clothes up to 18months so that she can use them for the whole winter season.

I would have bought everything in that store if I could, but what I did get gives me hope that this sweet little girl will have a happy Christmas and will look pretty cute doing it too!

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  1. This is such a great cause!! And everything you picked out with be perfect for her!!